I’ve been in a 6 year relationship that’s most definitely had it’s ups and downs. I love my boyfriend very much but we broke up and whilst we temporarily broke up I screwed 2 guys. One of the guys I screwed i am still s******* even though we are now back together. I can’t stop s******* him. There’s another guy who I can’t stop texting filthy messages to. And oh yh I screwed my ex. I’m out of control. I did all this without a condom. I got tested for stds and it turned out I’m all good and clear so I f***** my boyfriend raw. And screwed the other guy raw the next day and I literally screwed my boyfriend again just now.

Dec 21, 2019

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  • Don't worry, hun: you are not a who're. You are just o m e of those rare women who have sexual desires that can't be satisfied by one man on his own. You are ALWAYS going to need more action than your husband or boyfriend or partner or significant other can provide, so you're always going to be slipping off to meet Man No. 2 ( or No. 3, or numbers 4 through 7), or to find some delicious stranger in a bar,who's hung like the proverbial horse. Wedding vows will not bind you or stop you or slow you down: you will always be "on the prowl". You will not be able to help yourself. You will grow to love and NEED that feeling of being "out of control" that you are already experiencing and have described so wonderfully wonderfully well. If you ever marry ( and you may NOT), it will HAVE to be to a man who understands your hunger and your need, and who appreciates it and even encourages it, and who won't get his feelings hurt when you crawl out of bed in the night to go meet with one of your many many many men. No, you aren't a w****. You're just a member of a rare and beautiful breed that loves all men (or as many as they can get). Like me.

  • Oh, dear God, how I wish you were MY girlfriend or wife, fulltime. I would even let you play. You are SO not a w****. You're just a woman with a hyperactive s** drive. You are exactly what every man wants and needs in his life. And in his bed. Please keep on telling us about your exploits. You're not a w****; yyou're serious marriage material.

  • Ditto.

  • Good girl!

  • Not a w****,good on you

  • Not a white,good on you

  • Love your BF
    Friends with benefits elsewhere.
    Keep secret
    Enjoy while your young
    I did

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