I'm a feminine gayboy eighteen years old. When I was fourteen I knew I preferred boys', even been with some other older boys'. I have two very pretty cousin's, both girls, the older cousin was twelve when both of us had s**, a first time for me. My parents own a boat and went out on the bay for the day as a group of six, parents, my older sister along with my aunt, uncle and their youngest daughter. I stayed home as well as my cousin due to her getting sick when being on boats. Well, this day I'm in my room on my bed, sitting up against the headboard with a sheet over my naked lower haft, I was looking at a magazine. A gentle knock on my door and then immediately opening, my cousin was standing there still in her night clothes. She asked "can I come in, what are you reading", I said yes and she came in and closed the door. She stood beside my bed a second or two before sitting down on it next to my legs. We talked for a minute or so before she asked if I believed in kissing cousins, I said maybe. She took the magazine from my lap to look at the cover, while doing so she commented " do you have a...", I replied no. I really didn't but I was showing my... under the sheets, she caught me without words for a second or two. She immediately put her right hand on my right thigh, teased me by saying she was going to see if I was... I now was and put my hand there when she reached over me with her left arm taking my hand off while her right hand was now on me and touching me with suddle movement. She said let me see, and now pulled up her top showing me her tiny breast with soft nipples. At this point I let her pull back the sheets from my naked lower haft exposing my erection, she taking her top off. We stayed on my bed for hours' kissing, touching and doing it, we did it all, sixty nine, I fingered her and we f***** each other until we heard my parents car pull into the garage. Whenever I saw her up till now, and we had an opportunity we did it again as we did that very first time. The last time I saw her, a month ago, I told her I was gay, she said she knew, that she always knew I was. I asked her how she knew, she said she told my older sister that we had..., and my sister said she didn't believe her because she knew her former boyfriend and I were sexual with each other, that her boyfriend was bi, which is true! WOW, I never knew anyone in my family had any idea that I was gay, however, I believe all moms' know. I so love being a boy, a feminine gayboy.

Dec 25, 2019

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