Meeting my FWB the first time

One Sunday morning i was on an adult meet up site looking for s** (of course). i like to show off my large c*** so i was camming for all to see ( there's nothing better than direct advertising). As i was stroking my c*** a woman the same age as me DM'ed me and asked if i was interested in coming over to play.
She sent a pic and i said absolutely. I quickly showered and then drove 15 miles to her house. She answered the door and we both were pleased with what we saw. After a quick introduction I leaned in and kissed her, then asked if that was all right. She smiled and said of course. we sat on her couch and began touching each other as we got to know one another. I decided i was there for one reason and proceeded to take her clothes off. once naked I ate her p**** on the couch, getting her to c** two minutes into it. I was rock hard at this point and took off my clothes. she caressed my c*** then started to suck it slowly, making that much harder. I then got on my knees and slowly slid my c*** against her p****, masturbating her with the head. i slid the head in slowly making her moan. I sucked on her nipples (which i later found out were very sensitive) as the head split her p**** open. at this point she said we should go to her bedroom to get more comfortable.
Once in the bedroom i proceeded to eat her p**** and finger her to a few more o****** before i couldn't hold back anymore. she insisted on a condom so I put one on and slid into her tight p****. we moved like we had been together for years. my c*** was so hard i knew i wouldn't last long if i kept up the pace i set. i pulled out and teased her p**** with the head making her squirt (something i had just gotten into doing with previous hook up). she asked me to take the condom off and rub the head against her c***. i obliged and would stick the head in an inch after making her c**. Realizing i had worked her up i kept putting the head in a bit more each time until I said f*** it and slid into her fully. She moaned loudly in my ear (the thing that always gets me going when we f*** now) and i pounded her p**** until she came at least three times. I then pulled out and shot my load all over her stomach and chest. she smiled and said I was a naughty boy but she was totally satisfied. i looked at her and said the next time we f*** i'll know how to get her off instantly. she smiled and said who said anything about a next time.

We've been f****** for the last two years whenever she gets h**** which is about once a month if we can get together. Love making her c**.

Dec 27, 2019

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