Feeling suspicious about them

In the last few months my wife (33) has been spending time with a female friend from her work (26). It's been more than just meeting up occasionally for coffee and a movie or shopping; they see each other almost every day. And they spend hours together, like nearly the whole day. Her friend is single and I think she might be a lesbian.

They are also fitness addicts and work out together all of the time. The other day they came back from jogging a few miles and naturally they were exhausted and sweaty. My wife's friend asked if she could use our shower. I said I showered earlier and that if she does to make it quick, as our water heater is on its last leg and it takes a while to produce warm water after the shower has been recently used. I said it probably only has a few minutes of warm water left. She didn't mind.

My wife then said she would jump into the shower with her and get clean while the warm water lasts. That struck me as really odd. But anyway my wife and her friend took a shower together. They were in the bathroom for 40 minutes, and the shower only lasted maybe 10. I asked what they were doing in there, and my wife just said doing their hair and putting on a little makeup.

I don't know if I'm reading too much into it, but I think something might be going on between the two.

Dec 28, 2019

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  • Dude chill ... stop being possessive! let her enjoy her (s**) life. casually open this conversation up and see if the girls would like to invite you into their hot-and-heavy sessions. always hv an open mind in relationships. and in life in general. life is too short buddy.

  • Ask her then ask if u can join in

  • Cheating is cheating, call her out on it if you are so convinced. Lying and sneaking is the first sign of a marriage in free-fall. If she truly cared about anything other than her own desires, she would have told you about it and asked if it was ok. After all, she committed to you. Don't let all these brain-rot p*** heads tell you that infidelity is 'A-Ok.'

  • I have been having a girl on girl affair for years with a woman I met at our kids playgroup. I still love my husband but this fills a space that he cant. The affair is hot hot. We do gym together.We love to feel each other in lycra. It's also a bit kinky. She likes to spank me.

  • Let them have les affairs if they enjoy it. Mind that lesbianism is the ultimate dimension of sexuality. But they do need good hard f*** from men at some stage with a prolonged foreplay. You should spend fore-playing to make her ready for ex with you. At some stage of their relationship you may turn your wife to make her friend interested in a 3-spome arrangement. This happened with my wife and we three spend hot and enjoyable weekends in many occasions.,

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