I'm trans but my bf doesn't know

I identify as a male but I haven't told my bf yet. It's not that I'm scared, it's just I dunno how he'll react, so I would rather avoid talking about it. He made homophobic jokes and said homophobic things in the past, but I know people can change, but I'm still worried. I don't know whether I should tell him or not but for now I'm not gonna say anything.

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  • If someone as emotionally and physically close to you as a boyfriend doesn't "know", then maybe this is just a phase you need to go through because your brain isn't done developing yet. Try a different way of being edgy, this one is seriously played out. Jesus.

  • What do think he’s going to say if he try’s making out with you 😬 better to say something now then too fine out the hard way I wouldn’t like to be tricked

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