sister and cousin

Few years ago i was 16 and my sister and cousin both 15 we skip school and went to are cousins place the conversation turned to s** which i didn't mind as i found out alot about them and we done the same thing the following day but my cousin was acting different we was in her kitchen and she kissed me i pushed her away and said no she ran upstairs and my sister said as she pointed down think that wanted to i looked down and i had a b**** as my sister walked away she said 3 can keep a secret,i left it 5 minutes and went up to sort things out and wanted to no what my sister meant she said well i guess you wanted more to happen and put her hand on my cousin leg slowly moved it up saying this is what you want then my cousin done the same thing saying or is it both you want to f*** don't be shy show us but im just stairing they start to strip off my sister only to her underwear but my cousin wow butt ass naked big t*** shaved bold p**** that was it couldn't get mine of fast enough asked her to suck it and as she's doing that i look over to my sister and she's rubbing her fingers over her knickers are cousin must of seen me looking as she stopped goes to my sister and brings her back takes her bra and knickers off now you can see better i start kissing her and she's got her hand around my d*** but i tell her to go easy and she said it's not me i look down and it's my sisters hand wanking me off that was it said im going to c** my cousin drops to her knees and takes my load i said i want to see her eat my sisters p**** so she lays down and cousin goes down on her she starts to moan so i go up behind are cousin and slip my d*** in and as im thrusting i can see my sisters t*** bouncing around and couldn't hold it in,these to girls are dirty little s****.

Dec 29, 2019

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