Aunt and cousin

For family reasons i moved in with my aunt and cousin when i was 14 who was 33 and 15 and noticed they both like to mess about teasing me as one night my cousin said you're bed squeaks alot you need to stop wanking my aunt said leave him alone he can't help it living with to girls days went by i came back as i walked into the front room there was my cousin bouncing up and down on a d**** that's stuck to the wooden chair smiles and says better than p*** for you bet this is going to stick in your w*** bank for some time,the next morning I thought i had the house to myself so im wanking on my bed open my eyes and see my cousin in black lace underwear standing in the door way watching unclips her bra drops it and walks away i get up as i get out the room she's looking back at me so i nervously follow get to her room she's sat on a chair touching her t*** tells me if i come in i got to show her my c*** i got up next to her and get it out well wouldn't you want to c** on my t*** when i finished she's rubbing my s**** in that's a little thing we done before my aunt got involved couple years later that's my next one i will put up.

Dec 29, 2019

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