I'm Ashamed of My Lusts

My father was always cold and distant. When he died I felt empty. I wanted to be close to him. And ever since I became aware of sexual feelings I've had incestuous fantasies. It was daddy/daughter stuff at first but it's grown over the years to include any male relation. I've actually been with three relatives - two cousins (one older one younger) and an uncle. And they were the best s** ever.

I've dated only older men who I end up calling "Daddy". One of those got me pregnant - we didn't marry because he already has a wife but he pays child support and visits sometimes. Our son is beautiful and almost 9 now. I named him after my own father.

I've almost caught my son masturbating more than once, I can hear him at night with his bed creaking and I do it myself. I find myself fantasizing about him and wishing he would peep on me or I would catch him at something - some excuse. I'm so depraved but I can't help it. Something deep inside me says that I have to get close to men in my family this way. I wish he would ask me about the birds and bees. I'm perverted.


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  • I am 12-years old girl. What is this? I feel ill. I think to lie down now in bed, thinking of daddy which I never had. Why do I live? For what? If you are gone and dead, take me with you, daddy !

  • ALL pedophiles should be put to death. Men or women.
    That is the ONLY cure!

  • i've had a sexual relationship with my father since i was 14 too! i feel the same as the above commentor and will always love to please daddy. i'm 19 now and we f*** good and for long periods-it's so easy to get away with. i haven't told him i'll keep any baby he knocks into me.

  • I want a relationship and to marry a woman that only wants to have s** with her father. The idea of my wife having s** with her father right in front of me turns me on, I would like to financially support all of your children that you have with your father. I would be more than happy if he doesn't want to share and even demands that his p**** is the only one that goes inside you, please tell me that there is a woman out there that would like to start a family with me and her father and do this for me!!

  • sicko
    Start walking around naked. Let him see some p***. And for gods sake start playing with yourself in front of him. Tell him to help you out. Then give him a good b*******. Show him how to m*********, and when ever he does, let you know because you want to swallow all of his c**.

  • Start walking around naked. Let him see some p***. And for gods sake start playing with yourself in front of him. Tell him to help you out. Then give him a good b*******. Show him how to m*********, and when ever he does, let you know because you want to swallow all of his c**.

  • Wait until he is a little older and show him how good his mom can make him feel.

  • Take it from someone who's been there, sweetie. If you get involved with an underage boy, he will dominate your relationship. You'll find yourself being experimented on and used for s** every moment. Any control you have will disappear. And he'll grow up to dominate other women that way, too. He won't be abusive, but he will be controlling. Do you want your boy to grow up like that?

  • Thank you. I feel better knowing I'm not the only mother who feels this way about her young son.

  • When I was 12, my mom caught me pulling my meat and she let me know that she didnt like me doing that and that if I really needed to get off to come to her and she would take care of me. She let me do her and I got off and learned how to take care of a woman. She never started anything.
    Is that what you want to do with your son? I'd approve of that.

  • wtf he's your son. leave him alone. find yourself a man. or some hobo on the street. whateverrrr. just not your poor son.....

  • This is completely sick. You need to seek help a.s.a.p...these are not normal feelings a mother should have towards her child. Its sad, sick, and you could really damage him emotionally. Think before you act, and if you are that h****, get a real man.

  • You should approach him about it and see if he would accept you as sexual partner. If not, never bring it up again. But if he would accept you as his sexual partner, make mad, passionate love to him and show him that the sexual and emotional connection that he could have with you is so much stronger than anything he could ever have with some other random girl.

  • your kool! i wish my mom was kool like u!

  • Personally I will neither condone nor criticize your past relationships or your perversions-BUT it is absolutely unacceptable to have any sort of relationship with a child. He does not have the life experience to understand whether or not the relationship is what he wants. What you are thinking about is incest and rape. He is a young innocent child. His emotional and physical well-being are in your hands. Having this kind of relationship with him against his educated will can ruin him emotionally for the rest of his life. Please seek outside help. Talk to a professional and explain your feelings. You are providing a very toxic enviroment for your delicate and impressionable son.

  • Oh. My. Freaking. God.

  • i'm 18. since i was 14, i have had a sexual relationship with my father. it is the warmest, most intimate, most beautiful experience i have ever known. i will always be his.

  • Human sexuality is what it is and it rarely has to do with s** at all but psychological issues. You can get help for this.

  • ^This comment is even more relevant now that the Sexual Identity Olympics are a thing. That's a combination of psychological issues and the "look at me, validate my specialness" mentality that's taken over.

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