I sort of lied but i cant take it back now

After we were dating for more than four years, on st. paddys day i finally got my boyfriend to agree to leave his wife and kids and marry me. i really thought he would never do it because he's 46 and I'm 22 and that bothers him some, so i finally got off my b/c pills and got myself knocked up and thats what made him decide to come to me even though he always loved me more than her, and i'm so much prettier and hotter and younger than her, and we had so much better s** than they ever did. i found out for sure that i was pregnant in the end of February, and i told him right away and made him decide and told him i would make serious f****** trouble if he didn't choose me, but he eventualy did choose me on st paddys because he loves me more than her and he loves our baby than all the kids she gave him. the problem is that i found out this week what the real conception date is and i realize that my fiancee can't actually be the daddy because he was out of the country when that date was. i knew he was telling his wife about us this week and moving out of his house and moving in with me and so i didnt tell him. he is moving his stuff this weekend and now i've decided not to tell him ever because the real father was a guy i knew from the stip club i worked at some until last year and i used to do free house calls for him when his wife was at work because i liked the s** with him because of him being so f****** BIG. he doesnt even know i'm knocked up and i wont tell him. anyway hes broke and my fiancee has plenty plenty money and has been paying all my bills ever since we first hooked up, and i truly truly truly do love him so i'm just never going to tell anybody who the real daddy is and just make everybody including myself think that the father is the guy i'm marrying so there won't be any negativity toward our new family or our baby. i guess i should feel bad or something, but i just dont because we love each other and i think we'll be real good parents and have a better family than he has now. i know i'm better for him than his wife and i know our baby will be better than his kids ever.

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  • Not trying to judge here, but you as a person fxxxxxng suck.

  • You may think you can keep it a secret but you're wrong. Here's what'll happen. You'll tell just one girlfriend who the real father is because you think you can trust her. And then she'll tell one other girlfriend who she thinks is trustworthy. And that girl will tell two, and those will tell four, and before you know it, everybody in town will know you got knocked up while you were turning a trick -- which is exactly what you were doing (that's what house calls are, whether or not you charge for them, honey) -- and then your husband will find out, and your w**** ass and your b****** will be introduced to life on the street. Do what's right: abort that thing in you before you ruin even more lives.

  • That previous guy is right. In another couple of years (or weeks), your guy is going to dip his wick in another younger lamp and you'll be S.O.L.

  • Absolutely pathetic. It's interesting that this guy with "plenty, plenty of money" is moving into your pos place. He didn't leave his wife, she kicked him out. And when she takes him to court, she's going to take him for all he's worth. Don't worry, he'll also tire of you too. He'll leave you for some other young and dumb stripper.

  • Mmmmmm ...... let me guess ...... you were raised ...... in a trailer park. Am I right?


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