Brother in law

My bf started to work away 2 weekends out of the month and we agreed that his 16 year old brother can still stay,i told him i was going for a bath and about 10 minutes later i noticed the door was open a little and he was watching me with his hand down his shorts the next day i thought i would see if he done it again and he did but this time he had his d*** out i wanted to speak to my bf so he could deal with it but that night i couldn't stop thinking about it so kept it to myself,the next time he was working I made sure the big mirror was in a better spot and gave him an eyeful of my t*** could hear him breathing heavy it was turning me on so the next day told him i was going out left it 5 minutes and went back in he quickly turned the TV off trying to act normal so i grabbed the remote and turned it on and it was p*** i asked if he was bored of spying on me he said never i took my dress off and asked if he wanted more and bent over the table hoping he wanted me and felt my knickers pulled down and he slipped it in hearing him grunting as he thrusted into me then quickly collapse saying sorry it was fast my first time took him to my room and f***** him 3 more times that night,want to do it more.

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