This site is the worse

Very time I freaking made a post on here, it tells me to wait because their going to review my post . So wait and wait and wait, for a long time. But NOTHING! I'm leaving this stupid site. And I'm telling others too, that this site is bogus. And so is Naughtyposts it does the same crap.

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  • The answer is obvious isnt it, make up a gross story about incest or panties or small children. Make up five or six. Spell really badly. You will be seeing your posts regularly in no time :3

  • I hate the big delay. I am addicted and keep coming back and leaving disapointed

  • This is the second grammatically sketchy complaint about both Naughtyposts and "this site sucks, I'm leaving" that has seen the light of day. Flounce for us some more, kitten. We really care. Really.

  • Makes me think you have posted some pretty bad things in here and your being moderated now.

  • Moderation on THIS site? Aww, that's cute.

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