At the time i was 15 and my sister was 14 i stayed home and went snooping in her room to see if she's really that sweet and innocent but when i got to her underwear draw i started to get a hard-on and dropped to my knees and started to w*** that's when i heard a voice say you dirty perv that's disgusting she caught me she told me she's going to tell are mum i begged her not to and would do anything if she kept it secret answer my questions and i won't she wanted to no how many times i do it a day and what does it feel like i answered best feeling ever when I'm about to c** then she shocked me saying do you need to finish off as i did stop you yeah but i will do that in my room but she told me no you do it here so hurry up or i will tell so i stood up but struggling to get it hard she noticed that saying shouldn't it be harder can't pervy bro get hard im still stroking it but having little glimpse of her and it starts to rise oh so your thinking of me and i c** on her carpet and it's still going on, should i take it to the next step.

Jan 1, 2020

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  • Absolutely! See if she's interested

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