Her ex interrupted us

It was saturday afternoon and my new girlfriend (31) and I (30) were on the couch at her place having s**. It was about 1 or 2 pm, and we weren't expecting anyone. However at around 1 pm the door ringed, we didn't open because we thought it would be some religious preachers or whatever. it was her ex husband. He went to the rear and opened the door because he still had the key and had the right to do so (he still owns 50% the house).

We didn't hear him enter, so he basically caught us mid-coitus. As we saw him I had my d*** stuffing her mouth and I was feeling as manly as ever before.

In seeing us he got completely p*****-off. Galvinized by the bj I rose still naked and with a visible b****, and tried to be the man of the situation, saying to him that we were free to do whatever we wanted at her house, and that it was better to avoid provoking me. Saying this I was trying to walk him at the door. He started to be seriously mad at that. He said that I could not dare to tell him what to do at his home. Immediately the altercation escaleted and got physical. What I didn't know was that he was a black belt in karate amd had been training since the age of six. I didn't stand a chance, and soon got immobilzed with my arm behind my back, and was forced to apologize.

When he left, we didn't talk about that, but I felt totally embarassed and emasculated. And for my girlfriend it was clear that she was feeling disappointed in me. Needless to say that we didn't continue with the s**.

Jan 2, 2020

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