Friend sleeping with my son

I come home for lunch most days, this one time i could hear my mate next door having s**,I sat on my bed listening to her moaning and her bed banging my wall,it was happening alot and my lunch time was spent pleasuring myself to them but that changed,I was waiting in my room to hear them in just my dress, soon as i knew they were in her room i rushed to her back door which i got a key for and headed upstairs,she was giving him a b******* i couldn't see his face just his big c*** when she took her mouth of it,I had my hand up my dress fingering myself at this point i didn't care if i got caught, maybe we could have a 3sum,I got to carried away and didn't see her coming out of the room,I thought she might of went mad but she liked it,told me to take the dress off and got me in the room, standing with a hard-on was my 21yo son he didn't even try to cover up,she told him what i was doing, she said you're mom came to join us, before i could say anything he said ok sure i said no and sat and watched them f******,he was watching me as he f***** her then pulled out and walked up to me,d*** in my face asking me to touch him i was h**** as f*** and just went for it, didn't care if it's just been in her i put it in my mouth,I heard her say that's it go on,he was definitely enjoying it moaning louder,he got me to sit on the bed and for her to hold my hands behind my back and face f***** me,I was gagging but that didn't stop him when he held my head right down on his d***,he let rip shot after shot of c** hitting the back of my throat,she loved it rubbing the c** in that dripped on to my t***,we take turns who's house we do it in.

Feb 28, 2020

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