Lost virginity late in life

I first has s** with a h***** when I was 18. Didn't c**. Next s** was with my first girlfriend at 25. Had s** twice, didn't c**. Had s** at 30, finally came. It was also my first BJ.

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  • I was near raped as a child of 10 but he couldn't push it in I was so tight. I was so scared of s** after years of abuse. I wanted to have a boyfriend as a teenager and do all those sweet things, but everyone ignored me. I had s** late. I was 29 when I lost my virginity to a date rape that should never have happened. I didn't like him he was old fat short, married, stupid and hopeless. I felt awful and used. I hated everything he did to me after giving me alcohol. I should not have trusted but what you have to understand when you spend so long a virgin and in fear and then go to counselling and support groups who work on you for years telling you "the problem is with you you don't trust people enough, you need to learn to trust more, you think every man is bad" you start to yell at yourself and get angry at yourself, "oh so now I am stupid and dumb too, so I need to take risks and trust more" and then you trust the wrong people for ages til you learn that you should never have trusted and you had every right to want love as sweet as teen love, a clever handsome dorian gray love that you wanted was better to want then the s*** you got instead. so never sell out on your values no matter what others tell you. people are out to deceive you. learn that.

  • And??? You start slow and keep trying

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