I Like Watching Men and Women Peeing

I have enjoyed watching men and women p****** since I was 5 and accidentally got to watch my 17 year old aunt squat and take a strong p*** right next to my face while on a family camping trip. I had been playing under our camper as it was hot as h*** and under the camper was cool. As I lay there, my aunt and a couple of friends she had met at the lake came up to the camp site. They were chatting and laughing and then I heard my aunt say "Be right back". In just a few seconds she came to the backside of the camper and stopped immediately in front of were I was lying under the camper. Then to my surprise and amazement she pulled her bikini bottoms down and squatted down with her back to me. I can still, 45 years later, clearly remember her very hairy p**** (it was the early 70s) with its thick l**** spreading open to reveal her coral colored inner folds, the erratic start and eventual gushing of her wide golden stream, the sound as it hit the ground, the feel of the small droplets that sprayed my face, and the odor of her fresh morning p***. I can also remember her wrinkled brown pucker (also with a light coating of fur) flexing rhythmically and winking at me. I was very excited but knew enough not to say anything or make a sound.

She never knew that I had been lying behind her under our camper while she p*****. She also has no idea to this day that she is responsible for my lifelong fascination for watching women and bit later (when I was allowed to use public urinals on my own) men take a p***. She is also the reason that I prefer p**** to be covered with a nice thick bush.

When I married, I decided to tell my wife how much being in the bathroom with her when she p***** turned me on (In the early years of our marriage we often shared the bathroom when getting ready for work in the mornings). I told her about my experience watching my aunt and how much the memory of that time turned me on. I asked if I could watch her p*** up close. She was shocked but gave me the go ahead. So the next morning I had her climb in the shower with me. I kneeled in front of her as she spread her legs and her beautiful l**** and had her p*** with my face right in front of her hairy p****. As she was releasing I shocked her again when I stuck my face in the stream and buried my tongue in her p****.

We have been into p*** play ever since. It has progressed to the point that she also likes it when I p*** on her. We also got into swinging with other couples and several of them have been up for a bit if p*** play.

Jan 8, 2020

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  • Wonderful! This is such a turn on to me as well. A Christian female, mid 30s and single. This has been for quite some time and it is what it is. Love watching p***videos and I enjoy taking a nature p*** whenever possible. This is not a very well visited and welcome topic in our society. But I think it’s quite normal.

  • Love watching little girls pee

  • Some of the best.

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