Naughty Pee Confession

I really want to confession this somewhere other than the search bar of my browser. It gets me hot to confess it, honestly. I write pee stories, I pee in strange places, I watch p*** p***, and I think about p*** very often. As a kid I p***** behind the dog house outside and pretended the dog did it. I remember as I started to come into myself that I used to pee all over my bedroom (door handle, side of bed pushed against the mattress, tiny dribbles all over my floor, into a plastic egg in the closet, on a stuffed animals face, off the side of the bed against the wall, into one of those tiny barbie toilets made for the barbies, on a barbie's face, against a ken doll's crotch, and regularly into a wad of tissues or into the lined trash can). As I got older and found p***, I got really really into it in college, p****** while humping towels (really wanted to p*** and hump a pillow but was too scared as I lived at home still). Still wetted tissues and humped them, and once in a while that same old stuffed animal, would p*** it and hump it to o*****. My o****** and p*** sort of went hand in hand for a long time.
I'm now 39 and have done things like buy a rug to urinate on when I'm really randy, p***** all over my laundry, peed on a towel while sitting in my office chair, and took a pillow we were throwing out and p***** a full bladder into it and humped until I came. (It felt so good I shouted when I lost it!)
I used an old ratty stuffie to p*** into as well, squatting in the garage and filling it with urine until it was dripping and then peed the rest into some towels while sitting on the stuffed turtle. I recall how soft and warm that was and wish i had the courage to keep a stuffy or pillow to release into often.
I remember when I was younger and everyone would be gone from the house, I'd grind on the carpet in the living room and let out tiny squirts of pee to hump in because it was warm and I liked that against my p****. I did it to the couch cushion once and felt really dirty so I didn't do that again (though I desperately want to urinate all over a plush sofa).
My two crowning achievements of p*** are these though:
1. going back to my parents house as an adult, into my old room, and p****** across the light blue carpet, watching it turn dark blue as it caught and soaked up my urine. so f****** hot! Came without touching my p**** at all even though it was just a teeny tiny p***!
2. we were getting rid of an ancient fabric recliner. It was in the garage awaiting destruction as it was half broken. I worked up the courage for months and finally began using it to p*** into. I used it as a toilet three times before we got rid of it. One of those times I actually saved up my p*** and just went to it, pulled my pants down to my knees and settled and used it like an actual toilet, just leaning forward and hissing away into the fabric until it overloaded and was dripping loudly down onto the floor. I spread my legs as much as my pants would allow and humped to gasping completion right there in my pissy mess.
I should also probably include the itty bitty p*** I took in a hotel room in the corner behind a chair, right into their carpet. I felt too bad to take a big one or go on the chair like I wanted, figured no one would step in my mess or anything back there. I cleaned it up after I masturbated.
Places I want to pee but have no courage to do:
* movie theater seat
* into a couch or chair that is plush that we are not getting rid of
* any carpet, anywhere, any time, preferably where I get to leave it and not clean it and call myself a dirty girl
* into another pillow, but a nice clean new one for the sole reason of destroying it with my p***
* buy and use a tiny barbie toilet again
* buy and use a training toilet for kids
* into anything my p*** will leak out of, like a basket with holes in it or a gift bag that will sodden and leak, onto gift wrap paper so it flows off...
* on gym equipment, like against a bike seat or on a weight bench, i enjoy the idea of p****** onto something i know won't absorb my pee but instead will rain down all over the surrounding floor and make an enormous mess
* right into the middle of a mattress we're getting rid of, on all fours, p****** hard and long
* into some kind of electronic, just to drench it with my p*** and destroy it
* pressing my p**** against a book i really hate and ruining it with my urine

That's just the places I can think of that I'd love to try, but my mind is ever expanding, giving me more and more places I'd like to urinate, though probably never will.
I hope someone finds this as erotic as I have to have typed it out! Share with me your naughty p*** confessions in the comments so i can come back and read them and get excited!

22 days

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