My son

Im a 35 year old mother of 3
I was doing laundry last week and found a pair of my panties in my sons room.
They were c** stained.
I know what he was doing with them.
Im not dumb.
After i found it i think back the past months.
He has been more touchy feely lately.
Rubbing my shoulders hugging,
Kissing me good night he kissed me on neck last night instead of cheek.
How do I address this with him?
Or do i let it go?
I won’t tell my husband. Idk just think its a phase.
Did i do something to make my son fantasize about me?
What do i do?

Jan 9, 2020

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  • To be honest i am 36 yr old and i have son of age and my husband in a month once goes out of station for businees work... And that time my son sleeps with me ... Ys i did not knoew anything about mys sons intention but he holds me tightly and sleeps ... After few nights i was awke and shocked to see what my son was doing he was fully naked and trying to make ne naked too but he could not but he was able to see my b**** ... Nxt day i thought i will allow hin to do .. And i was not wearing my bra So expectedly he did he opened my night wear strings and i was topless and then he opened my panty too he played touched kissed but did not had a guts to f*** me ... Nxt morning i talked to him about this ... And he was srry but i help him masturabte bcz masturabting alone harms health and sometimes i allow him to f*** me also seriously there ia no offence .. We all are human first

  • Hi just go with the flow and see how far you guys may go. So your 4’11 small t*** and shaved P***Y. I have to say if a B**B doesn’t fit in your mouth is a waste.

  • Show him your f**** to start with, that's what's he wants to see, your bush. If You are blonde he'll.wondering what colour pubes are too.
    Stand naked in front of and let him w*** looking at you.
    My mum she caught me smelling her knickers
    Describe yourself on this page ?
    35 years old ,probably f*******,
    Hairy f**** ? Big t*** ?
    Tell me I need a w*** !

  • No i am 4’11”
    And small t*** lol
    And shaved down there😳

  • Its ok for him to sniff. Taste the crotch of your panties we all did the same with our mothers panties you should be happy because your p**** must taste good when he sucks and licks the crotch of your panties clean he's been doing this several times with your patties and keeps cummy back for more you should walk around the house wearing a t shirt and panties pulled to the side so that part of your p**** slit shows so when you know he's looking bend over let him see what he's been sniffing tasting while jerking off

  • I'm surprise. You're on this site so obviously enjoy a good guck. Like most most blokes I do like a hairy f****. What colour is your hair and.would your pubes match ?- That's the interest.
    Nothing better than burying my face in a bush , having a good sniff, sucking the pubes before f****** the lady good and hard.
    I'd f*** you , any hole's a goal but I should let your son do you.
    I just find bald fannys .make me feel like a paedophile.
    Why do you shave your f**** ?
    I've got a.stiffy imagining your petite frame, your face and the of f****** you .
    What do you look like ? And enjoy ?
    I'd love to make you squeal as I fill you full of s****
    Would you like that ?
    Don't know but I reckon you're a dirty little.b**** !

  • Tell him it's normal,most men love to smell and taste a pair of soiled panties, ask him if he would like to see your p**** and ask him if you and him could m********* together as he sniffs your you c** a lot in them?

  • What your son is doing is a 100% natural and there are many sons who are close to their mothers. I would go along with it and see what happens.

  • Omg idk
    Everyone is encouraging this?
    Then how do i face him after if i would

  • Everyone is encouraging this because it's the right thing to do. Mothers and sons always have a special bond and sometimes it naturally progresses to s**. All your son wants to is show you love and affection. Also, it's a great way for him to learn how to treat a woman in bed, who better to learn from than you! This is a positive step for you and your son and after you make love to your son all you will feel is love with no awkwardness. I speak from experience as a son who had made love to his mother many times.

  • He definitely wants to s*** you.
    I used to steal my mum Ednas's knickers from the age of 14 ( mum was 46 ) to sniff and collect her pubic hairs.
    From that day I had to see her hairy p**** and spied on her undressing until I did.
    I still love a full bush as a result.
    Your son is probably taking your pubes too- I assume you have a bush too ?
    We never had s** with my mum but I did want to.

  • Take it easy as he finds you attractive and if you enjoy his affectionate kisses turn it to erotic ones. You would like it at the end. At your age his advances are great reward!

  • Hes noticed your a sexy woman he is sexually interested in f****** you believe me.

  • Yea but I figured that. It’s embarrassing.
    I thought about talking to him but don’t think I could look at him.
    Telling anyone I know is out of the question.
    I have no one to talk to thats why i hunted out this site. Privacy.
    Have u had experience with this?

  • I'm Steve and I noticed my mum was sexy when I was 15 and often took her knickers to sniff while walking.
    It turned me on knowing that those knickers had been found my mum's f**** all-day and that I was sniffing her out of bounds f**** that I knew was hairy as she left a lot of her pubes in her knickers.
    The smell was heavenly , combining the occasional skid mark at the back and p*** smell at the front where I knew that material had been covering her f**** hair and wedged up her v***** all day.
    I always wanked hard thinking of my mums hairy f**** and imagined f****** her while I sniffed her knickers.
    I was 15 and mum was 47.
    This carried on until I left home ten years later.

  • This happened with my son too. I just let if play itself out. We became lovers for several years. Until he met someone and married.

    We still make love once a week. We are so close that there were never secrets between us again.

    BTW I'm not going to lie, the s** is the best I ever had. On a scale of 1 to 10, my son is a 9 my husband a 3 on a good day.

    I would let it happen

  • Totally agree, I'm a son who had a sexual relationship with my mother and I loved every minute of it! Totally natural and I would recommend it to all mothers and sons!!

  • You need to decide where your limits are hun. As a mom myself I've experienced the same with my boy.

  • What did you do?

  • I explored it as far as i could hun. He's definitely fantasizing about you. I found c** stained lingerie in my sons bed also, bras, g strings etc.

  • I did the same with my moms panties momspantysniffer

  • I sniff my mums knickers and w*** every day. Mum is 55 and I 'm 25.
    I love.the smell of .her.hairy .brown f****.
    I.really want to.see her naked but don't know how.

  • Just ask him about it and get it out in the open between you too and try to tell him why its wrong how old is he and you need have a talk about s** and show him how to put a condom on

  • Why is it wrong???

  • Its not my older sister gave me my first b******* she pulled her panties off got on my mothers bed layed on her back spreading her legs I could see her slit and she was just starting to grow hair she grabbed my shaft guided the head between the lips of her slit

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