A wife’s confession

I was married for 20 years. My husband i love dearly but has an extremely small d***.
My middle finger is about as big.
Don’t get me wrong
But our s** life i have always needed more.
I never been with anyone else.
Last month my best friend husband was working on remodeling my kitchen.
My husband was at work and we were talking I don’t know what brought it up but i was talking about other rooms I wanted to redo. I showed him the rest of house .
We was in my bedroom and was showing him how I wanted to connect the closet and said I could get a smaller bed to make room. He said something and I seriously but joking said nothing great ever happened on it anyway.
He said I can’t believe that you are the sexiest woman i know.
Next thing i know he kissed me and 2 hours later
And several climax’s his fat 7 inches was done
Filling me up.
Now I’m torn it was my best friends husband
And I cheated on mine.
But the feeling was so intense.
He comes again tomorrow i will do it again.

Jan 9, 2020

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  • I sure don’t know what the average size is but when I was much younger I thought I was at least average. I now know I am less than average but have tried to make sure my wife gets off before I do and thank god she can have multiple o****** so if you make sure that happens I don’t see a problem. But I could be wrong

  • I’ve been married for 24 years. Never had another c*** since we’ve been married.

    Mother’s Day weekend my son who was home from University thanks to the virus had some of his track friends over. They are two 18 year old black boys (twins). My son headed off to work they then started to skinny dip in the pool. I’m 48 and happily married. My hubby has a 7.5 inch c***. But those boys were huge!

    I sat by the window watching them and fingering myself. Long story short. They caught me. I had a couple of amazing hours with two black young men. They were at least 10 inches. They stretched me wide. They also took the virginity of my ass.

    There is nothing wrong with enjoying a bigger c***.

  • Hot. Are you on birth control? Would like to read more details on the f******. But your best friend's husband was remodeling your kitchen in the daytime while your husband is at work means he wanted your p**** all this time. I bet your husband even expected and wanted it to happen too. Your husband likely knows he has a very small p**** since p*** is so common and easy to get these days. Your husband wanted you to be happy. Good bless his heart.

  • Ti1hor@ outlook.com what do u want to know?

  • I knew from a very young age that I had a small c*** because of circle jerks and watching my well-hung cousin f*** the neighborhood s****. After he finished they would let me play with or lick their p****** but not let me put my little d*** in them because it was so small. One of them seemed fascinated with it and would stroke my little c*** using a thumb and forefinger until I shot my load. It was only a couple of inches long at the time (about 14 years old) but grew to about 4" fully erect as an adult so I also knew that once married my wife would eventually become curious about s** with a normal sized or even larger c***. She often went out with her friends and came home one night well-f***** and dripping with some other guy's c**. She said she finally knew what s** was supposed to feel like and that she loved me but wanted more from s** so I encouraged her to have fun. Since then we have had 2 kids and many happy years of being married so it worked out well for us!

  • Do any of your two kids have a darker complexion than any of you or your wife? Or don't look much like you do?

  • I love reading about the wives taking loads and bringing it back home. You should use the c** as natural lubricant and f*** your wife immediately when she gets home. Her already seeded wet c*** will be smooth and then your natural urges will kick in to f*** the strange c** out of her (doggy style bent over livingroom couch) before replacing it with your own c**. You will give it to your wife like never before!

  • Often times having s** outside of the one you are married to will save a marriage. It rekindles the s** drive. I know, ours was getting stale and I had an affair with a friend and not s** with my husband is better than before.

  • I've been having an affair with my 14-year-old son for 5 months. His rod is much thicker than his father's. He's a great repeater, and he often spunks up me four or five times in an evening. We have fantastic oral too, and I love the taste of his thick, creamy s****.

  • I'm 73 years old. I've been cheating on my husband with my 15-year-old grandson for just over three months, and I often have a come when he's spunking off up me. My husband has no idea of what's going on, although he almost caught us once when he came home early from the pub just after my grandson had finished creaming me.

  • Ask him to try a p****-extender to wear and f***. This is available in any s** shop.

  • You were deprived of a nice modest c*** for the last 20 yours with your husband. What a wastage. You did right thing to satisfy your sexual urge - there is nothing wrong in consensual s**. Like remodeling your home, remodel your sexuality!! Best wishes...

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