A wife’s confession

I was married for 20 years. My husband i love dearly but has an extremely small d***.
My middle finger is about as big.
Don’t get me wrong
But our s** life i have always needed more.
I never been with anyone else.
Last month my best friend husband was working on remodeling my kitchen.
My husband was at work and we were talking I don’t know what brought it up but i was talking about other rooms I wanted to redo. I showed him the rest of house .
We was in my bedroom and was showing him how I wanted to connect the closet and said I could get a smaller bed to make room. He said something and I seriously but joking said nothing great ever happened on it anyway.
He said I can’t believe that you are the sexiest woman i know.
Next thing i know he kissed me and 2 hours later
And several climax’s his fat 7 inches was done
Filling me up.
Now I’m torn it was my best friends husband
And I cheated on mine.
But the feeling was so intense.
He comes again tomorrow i will do it again.


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  • My husband has a tiny 4 incher so I feel your pain or the lack thereof. Anyway you can have both I do. I simply sleep with my first boyfriend to get what I need sexually. He makes me feel so good. His c*** is thick and long. So I met him two to three times a week. I still have relations with the hubby so he won't catch on. I fake it with him letting him think he is pleasing me and I pretend to climax. He thinks he's a great lover, lol. Anyway it's the least I can do cause he is a great provider. Just not sexually. So see you can have both. Great s** and also your hubby. No harm no foul. Try it honey it works for me.

  • Hot. Are you on birth control? Would like to read more details on the f******. But your best friend's husband was remodeling your kitchen in the daytime while your husband is at work means he wanted your p**** all this time. I bet your husband even expected and wanted it to happen too. Your husband likely knows he has a very small p**** since p*** is so common and easy to get these days. Your husband wanted you to be happy. Good bless his heart.

  • Ti1hor@ outlook.com what do u want to know?

  • I knew from a very young age that I had a small c*** because of circle jerks and watching my well-hung cousin f*** the neighborhood s****. After he finished they would let me play with or lick their p****** but not let me put my little d*** in them because it was so small. One of them seemed fascinated with it and would stroke my little c*** using a thumb and forefinger until I shot my load. It was only a couple of inches long at the time (about 14 years old) but grew to about 4" fully erect as an adult so I also knew that once married my wife would eventually become curious about s** with a normal sized or even larger c***. She often went out with her friends and came home one night well-f***** and dripping with some other guy's c**. She said she finally knew what s** was supposed to feel like and that she loved me but wanted more from s** so I encouraged her to have fun. Since then we have had 2 kids and many happy years of being married so it worked out well for us!

  • Do any of your two kids have a darker complexion than any of you or your wife? Or don't look much like you do?

  • I love reading about the wives taking loads and bringing it back home. You should use the c** as natural lubricant and f*** your wife immediately when she gets home. Her already seeded wet c*** will be smooth and then your natural urges will kick in to f*** the strange c** out of her (doggy style bent over livingroom couch) before replacing it with your own c**. You will give it to your wife like never before!

  • Sounds like you will be having fun from now on. Be careful, its so easy to get caught.

  • Often times having s** outside of the one you are married to will save a marriage. It rekindles the s** drive. I know, ours was getting stale and I had an affair with a friend and not s** with my husband is better than before.

  • Ask him to try a p****-extender to wear and f***. This is available in any s** shop.

  • You were deprived of a nice modest c*** for the last 20 yours with your husband. What a wastage. You did right thing to satisfy your sexual urge - there is nothing wrong in consensual s**. Like remodeling your home, remodel your sexuality!! Best wishes...

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