I'm 15 my brother is 17 im crazy about him he's going looking i walked past his room and seen his d*** couldn't help but look nice and big and since then i started to finger myself thinking of him i started to see if he was interested and began to walk round the house half naked plus leaving my door open when changing not once did i see him look so needed to take it up a level knew what time he would be home left my door wide open layed on the bed pulled my knickers to one side with my p**** facing the door for him to get a good look had my eyes open a little as he walked past this time he looked but went to his room thought nothing will work then minutes later he walked in c*** in hand shacking it f*** me i said sure thing as he walked right up to my face shuffled it my mouth and throat f***** me mascara running down my face gagging on his d*** then pushed me down on the bed ripped my knickers off turned me over and f***** me so hard i had to bite the pillow the bed shacking he's grunting didn't think it would end 10 minutes later i thought he finished as he pulled out but he took me over to the desk i sat on it he told me to hold my legs up and slammed it back in telling me he wants to see the look on my face when he c*** told him no im not on the pill but he just put his weight into me and cummed he pulled out stroking his c*** i looked a mess c** dripping out makeup a mess.

Jan 10, 2020

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  • I'm a young male Any girls who are honestly into this and not lying. add my Snapchat. Any age. Say incest wen u add me. Andyc2104

  • Get him to f*** you

  • I am 16 and a sophomore and my brother is 18 and a senior.He is also a very good looking guy and quite athletic.He plays both football and hockey on our school teams.I have seen him a few times when he got out of the shower and had a towel wrapped around him and had the desire to want to have s** with him!I my self am a girly girl.I was never baptized as a baby,so last Easter my parents finially had me baptized at Easter sunday mass along with the other little kids,preteens and teens.My parents dressed me in the traditional white,poofy,sleeveless,above the knees,baptism dress with the matching bonnet,lace anklets and the white mary jane shoes and under my dress i had the white cloth baptism diaper and plastic pants with a white teddy as my top.I felt cute and little girlish in my outfit.My brother thought i looked adorable and called me his 'baby sister' for the day.I could tell that he was aroused as i would see him staring at me every so often.After my party was over later that afternoon,mom and dad had to go to the nursing home to check on gramma,so me and bro were alone.I had taken my baptism dress off,but was still in my bonnet,teddy,diaper and plastic pants and my lace socks and was laying on my bed.Bro came in to ask me something and saw me and got a smile on his face and sat down on my bed and put his arm around me and was cuddling me,which made me feel like a baby!I could tell he was aroused,and i undid his pants and took his c*** out,got on my knees and started sucking him!He had both hands on my head and was thrusting his c*** as far into my mouth as it would go causing me to gag some.A few minutes,he came in my mouth and i managed to swallow it all! I sucked him some more then he pulled down my plastic pants,unpinned my diaper,removed it and licked my c***!

  • Catholics do not wear such outfits, so whoever is writing this crap is lying! There is no such thing as a baptism diaper! What a liar!!

  • To poster above- Iam sorry,but i am not lying! it is really true.Go to Mr.Poll- and find the poll on Catholic teen girls easter vigil baptism outfits-Over a 140 girls have taken the poll and the most common outfit they wore was the poofy white dress,bonnet,lace socks or tights and the white shoes,and a cloth diaper and plastic pants and tee shirt under their dresses!

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