Not so weird

After coming across a few articles written here I have come to realize there are a lot of people who have messed around with their cousins so now I dont feel so weird that I did, We messed around for about 3 years off and on until she went to college.
She has never been super hot or anything and never got a lot of attention from the guys, she is kinda homely, A little chubby and nerdy but At first we were just sitting around one day in my parents basement when she looked over at me, Giggled and said "I can see your wiener", I looked down and fixed my shorts and she laughed about it, I never really even looked at her that way until her mid teens when she started to get b****, She would come over often and it seemed like one day they weren't there and then all of a sudden there were little bumps, Then they started jiggling when she walked and then she was wearing bras and she never really displayed any interest in boys around me until she seen my wiener and then she was all about it.
After I got it tucked away she said "Is that what circumcised means?", I said "Uh...I guess, Why", She said she had only ever seen her dad's just randomly if he was changing or whatever and she said his is not circumcised, She asked if she could see it and then it was happeneing.
Started out with just handjobs for a month or so and then she gave me a b******, Yeah, No more handjobs after that, blow jobs were where it was at. She would only ever let me see her b**** and they seemed to get bigger every day I seen her until she was a frickin DD, Her chest blossomed early and it got her some of the wrong attention and I stopped messing around with her when she started soaking up that attention. She was giving a lot of b******* to this one guy and two of his friends from what she told me and after they all decided that if she wasn't going to take her pants off they kicked her to the curb.
She was pretty upset and came back to me, We started back up and it wasn't until my 17th birthday that she said she would show me her p****, I sat down and she pulled her pants down, I stared and she said "And...?", I said "Holy, It's...Perfect" and actually she has a really nice p****, It was a bit hairy back then but since then she shaved it bald and now it's even nicer, well...Last time I seen it. Took a bit after that but by the time she was 17 She was letting me lick it and on her 17th birthday she came to my palce a little tipsy and thank god my parents were out of town because she flopped down on the bed and said "Ok, Let's just frickin do this" and whipped her pants off and I nailed her, She was so loud that if they had been home they would have heard for sure.
after that she went a little wild, She wanted to try everything, She wanted me to come on her, In her, she wanted to swallow, She wanted me to slap her and pull her hair, She started practicing deep throating, Our parents went away together for a wekend and her parents suggested she stay with me since they didn't really want her home alone, We banged all weekend and in the shower one day she asked me to lick her butt, She has a bit of a big butt and I actually like that so before she even finished her arguement as to why I should I was ears deep in her ass, she had one foot up on the side of the tub and when she came she melted and collapsed sliding into the bottom of the tub.
Before our parents returned I had her face down on my bed and she was instructing me how to get my d*** in her ass as she reached back holding her cheeks open, I barely got the k*** in and came and she was like "Oh no, No" and tried jerking me hard again but we heard the car pull into the garage. Well a couple weeks later she was moaning "Oh god yes, F*** my big ass" and I was happy to oblige, Over and over and over. She would go home and I don't even want to know what her search history looked like but she would come over and have some new thing to try and her main goal for a long time was to squirt. We worked and worked and she claimed she was close quite a few times but not quite and then one day she was on my bed, On her knees, Had a pillow bunched up under her head with her bum in the air, I was licking and fingering her bum and she was telling me how to work her c***, I put my lips over it and sucked on it and she was like "Oh my god yes, Do that, Keep do...Do...Keep that" and she came spraying all over my face, My bed and everything.
At first I was grossed out but got over it and she flopped down on the bed crying, I asked her if she was ok, She rolled over and looked at me nodding her head, She caught her breath and said "You can do whatever you want to me", I said "Anything?" and she nodded. the one thing she hadn't let me do happened that day, I t** f***** her and pulled out, Leaned over her face and came all over her, She was gagging and I kept coming, I had her arms trapped under me and she had no defence and kept saying "Ok, Stop...Stop...Oh god, Holy s***" and gagging the whiole time, When I was done I made her suck my c*** dry while she gagged and then she told me to get her a towel. I did but by the time I got back I was hard again and just spread her legs, I f***** her with come all over her face, Pulled out and facialed her again and then gave her the towel.
Afterward she said "That was so f****** gross", We banged for a while longer until she went to college and after the first month or so she came home for a week, I nailed her the first night and didn't even think about it until after we were done and she said something that caught my attention, I asked if she had banged any guys in college and she got shy and said "Uh...Three". That was really the last time we hooked up since she didn't really come back much for a while and then I got a girlfriend and she had a boyfriend and now she is getting married next month so apparently the things she learned were beneficial and the first time me and my girlfriend were in the shower I gave her a little treat, She was like "Oh...Uh...Oh I don't know...Oh god, Uh...Ok" and then she folded at the waist holding the side of the tub and her legs spasmed until she dropped to her knees in the shower looking up at me saying "Where did you learn that?", I just smiled.

Jan 13, 2020

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  • This is awesome. I also had a relationship with my 1st cousin. We made love, gave each other oral, and both loved it. No one ever found out. We finally had to stop cause we agreed we were falling in love with eachother. We went our separate ways. Shes married now but I'd love to f*** her one more time. Best s** I ever had was incest. My 1st cousin Amy.

  • My grandparents were 1st cousins and so were my parents. My wife is actually my sister so if it wasn't for incest I would not be alive.

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