Family shock

My mum and aunt had us kids around the same time me 16 sis 15 and cousins same age it was the weekend and desided to see if my cousins wanted to do something and headed to there house back door is always unlocked and let myself in heard a sound upstairs thought one had someone in there room when i got to the top of the stairs my female cousin door was open and was shocked to see her getting f***** doggy style by her own brother they didn't see me at first it was starting to turn me on my c*** was getting hard when they then noticed me and stopped not sure what they should do i took my t-shirt off and my shorts and said room for one more grin on her face give me that c*** as she started sucking it i told him to swap places kneeling behind her looking at that shaved bold p**** i rammed it in held her hips and slowly f***** her her taking 2 c**** he cummed and when she looked round at me seeing his c** around her mouth was to much for me she looked hot i kept saying im going to c** one last thrust i held her there untill i my b**** were drained,she told me my sis joins in with them didn't believe her so she phoned my sis told her to come round fun time she called it waiting still nothing when she came in the house i was told to hide and come out in 5 minutes heard my sister say you started with out me when i came back in to the room my sis was sucking his c*** he taps her on the head got another one for you im right behind her when she turns my c*** is right in her face my female cousin said we should watch you f*** him that's fair having your own sis moan in your ear as you f*** her nothing beats that,now we do it at home the nights are better risk of getting caught.


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  • My cousin was 8 I was 13 when I f***** her, had my d*** in her mouth and played with her p**** since she was a toddler

  • Only if you're female,how old??

  • Yummy! I want to be in your family!

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