Me daughter nephew

I noticed my 16 year old daughter flirting with her cousin who's 20 and asked what she was playing at she said if something happens then it happens was she really trying to sleep with him when she asked for my help told her no way she wouldn't let it go i said i will tell him im going out and you need help upstairs told him and pretend to leave when he went up i waited to hear something but nothing so went up got closer to her door then heard that's it he had her flat on her stomach legs spread banging her have to admit that sight was a turn on so i went in asking wtf is going on he said didn't you set this up you must want it to seeing him pull his c*** out with my daughter then back in he looked at me now i want some milf p**** he end up f****** us both pulling out of her then into me then when it was the end he f***** so hard each thrust i knew he was emptying his but sack into my daughter's womb he was soaked with sweat and that sloppy sound it made when he slid out of her p**** now suck it he said shoving it in my mouth,we got to do it again.

Jan 17, 2020

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  • Your 1st grade education makes me wonder if you really meant bütt sack or nüt sack. Maybe you don’t know what it is.
    Tell us about the young men he brought over to gang bang the two of you together.

  • Why dont you be a decent human being and learn that people use phones on this app and auto correct is satan you absolute imbecile

  • Thats so hot, keep it up milfy

  • Love to have your daughter

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