I am addicted to navel play

I have always liked belly buttons; innies, outies, inbetweenies but there is no belly button I find sexier than mine.
When I was a teenager I started showing my belly button and I got the best feeling when strangers would see it and/or poke it. I tried finding people online who wanted to worship my navel and it took off from there.
My first session was when I was 16 (i looked older) and I said I was 18. There was no s** involved so I thought it was fine. I told him through email how ticklish I was and what I thought would be fun to try but, ultimately it was his choice what to do to my belly button.
When we met up to chat before the session he asked me to stretch for him in full view of everyone. I did and my shirt rose quickly to show my k*** bellybutton. He fingered it and pulled on the bit that poked out, I was hoping that it would get more attention but no one seemed to notice.
After chatting more about my limits and fantasies we went to his hotel room. I was worried about being alone with this less than stranger but got excited to see rope, feathers, needles and all other sorts of instruments he intended to use on my button.
When he moved over the table that the tv was on to the center of the room, he told me to lay down while pushing me down onto it gently.
He tied my wrists and ankles and asked me if I consented to letting him "have my belly button" for the evening. I quickly agreed and arched my back anxious for the play to start.
It started off slowly, kissing my belly, tickling my button and my toes. He then took a suction tool and used it to pull my navel into an outie!
When it was first pulled out I moaned and shivered, it was my first time having it pulled out and it felt so good!
He then scrubs my outie with a toothbrush, sending me into hysterics. I begged and laughed while he looked at me smiling. He then held up a ballgag and I opened my mouth excited to be so vulnerable.
He then took some needles and as I watched he pushed two needles slowly through the base of my outie. All the while I begged through my gag which seemed to excite him more.. though it really hurt it was exhilarating and I found myself begging for more. He then pushed two more needles into the center of my outie and I screamed with glee.
My mind went blank and my body acted on it's own. He then continued to tickle me while my navel throbbed and ached.
I really couldnt believe how good it felt and wanted more.
After what felt like hours ( it was about an hour and a half) he pulled the needles out of my outie and ungagged me. I was still tied but completely exhausted.
He flicked my outie making me wimper and I was completely broken.
After he untied me, we rested on the hotel mattress watching tv where I was just tied. He just fingered my sore belly button (now an innie) until I got some energy back.
We agreed to meet up every so often so I can satisfy my desire. Each time i endured some new bizarre torture and I loved every second of it.

Even though we don't meet up anymore I still find people who want to take my navel for a ride. Some bad experiences but the good ones make it so worth it!

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