What happens across the border.. Stays across the border...

Years ago, me and plenty of my classmates decided to go out of state for our Senior trip, one last hurrah before graduating. We ended up renting some rooms at a hotel and everything, what could possibly go wrong?

Long story short, alot

It first just started out with a couple of friends deciding to use the hotel late at night when nobody else could possibly spoil our fun. Which to be honest, was us just goofing around and hanging like teens do. That was of course, until we decided to move things over to the sauna we discovered. THATS where things started to take a turn

So there we are, half naked, my childhood best friend, her cousin, two of our mutual friends, a male classmate and another gal I've known since always. Just us five guys and them two, late at night in a steamy room. Then comes the dares and awkward glances..

Incidently, going from swimsuits to nothing wasn't a tall order. Fooling around though.. especially when odds of anybody stumbling upon us? Well...

Though I don't know whether it was the right call, but midway through the other girl decided to leave before things went too far, since it's not like any of us brought protection aside from swimsuits and towels. But not without taking the other classmate to tag along for reasons we never bothered to asked. Not that it slowed the inevitable..

...That was a night for many firsts, and not one we dared to repeat

Tldr: I was in a g******* with my childhood best

Not my proudest moment

Jan 26, 2020

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