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When I was 15 years old, I found out I was bisexual. At first, I wasn’t sure but I had a crush on my classmate. I go to an all girls school, however before I’ve always liked this guy from my youth group.

He was tall, brown-haired and his face had dimples. However, despite his attractive appearance, he was not very social. He did not have much friends and always sat away from the crowd.

Long story short, I found out I also had a crush on my classmate. At first, I tried to ignore it. I told myself that being a Christian meant I have to keep myself away from these type of sins. However, things went out of hands.


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  • Everyone has this, it's called basic hormones... some act on it others don't.
    Your not any of that, you're just going through a phase. Let it flow, don't worry about it being a sin so much as asking God to guide and protect you. He already knew all this b4 it happened. You are his regardless of what goes down. He died for your sins, and you accepted Him for it! I always say if you're under 30 you're not allowed to claim any sexual preference! ;)

  • Please tell us how they got out of hand

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