Greta thunberg

She does my head in!!
Such anger from such a young person, she must of had a s***** childhood to have so much anger.
I wish she would just f****** off and shut up!!
Ugly foetal alcohol syndromed autistic whinging c u n t!!!!!!!!!
I saw today she was at a conference where trump was. She moaned and heckled, and then gave a speech after.
F****** her.
How did she get over there? Cycle? Walk? No.
Hypocritical little c u n t



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  • Greta has more intellect than our cheddar cheese colored dip stick, tronald dump.
    And her dire plea for for us to help prevent climate change is because she cares for humanity, unlike the commander in diapers, who only cares about himself.

  • Greta Thunberg has Asperger syndrome, obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD), and selective mutism. She is being used by her parents as a social platform.

  • Lol commie plinko, go f*** yourself

  • I want to bend her over and pound her in the asss .

  • Is that you Joe Biden since you want to n a i l any women you can get your hands on. Kissing your 12 year old granddaughter on the mouth.

  • I'd love to take her and put her on the street. She would make a wonderful prostitute. I would have her f****** all the U.N. delegates.

  • Both holes

  • What she needs is a good hard c***

  • You seem upset

  • Thats awful. She's trying to do the right thing

  • Nah, she wants the d***.

  • She would have had mine long ago if I was daddy

  • Wrong!

  • You're just mad because she made your big orange toddler cry... LOL

  • Love Greta. And she is absolutely right.

  • Y’all must be some small d*** losers to give any f**** about some little girl. You’re one sad b****

  • As somebody recently on television , at her age Greta Thumberg should be drinking wine and getting fingered.

  • I would love my fingers in her and something else

  • I agree. I think the press is responsible for focusing on her and creating a monster so they have something to report on. That kid should be completing her junior high education and having normal social, developmental, and higher education experiences. I'll listen to her when she's 45 and has lived real and actual life experiences. Perhaps she will learn to smile by then? I believe it is almost abusive how she is being used by the press. Be a kid Greta. You only get one chance to grow up.

  • Too late for this little Twit

  • Not for her t*** though!

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