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I've been dating this woman for a couple of months. We're both 26 and things have been mostly okay. She is gorgeous with a very high s** drive (wants it all of the time). I'm really in love with her. She also has a huge circle of friends. She recently took me to a big party at a friend's place. There were at least 45-50 people there. There was a pool out back, so my gf brought a swimsuit as did others. I didn't because I can't swim, but no biggie.

At one point my gf and one of her female friends said they were going to change into their swimsuits in one of the bedrooms. I said ok, no problem, and continued chatting with some of the guys there. We were drinking, watching sports, as well as gambling on horse racing online. Just guy stuff.

After about 40 minutes I went back out to the pool, assuming my gf was there swimming, but I didn't see her. When I walked back in I asked around, and one of the women there said she's in the bedroom. I was thinking, "Huh? How long does it take to change into a swimsuit?" Almost simultaneously my gf emerges from the bedroom with her female friend and three guys. They were all in their swimsuits and headed to the pool.

I asked my gf what took her so long to change, and she said "Nothing, we were just talking." I then asked if she changed in front of the guys and she said, "Yeah, it's no big deal. It's the only room available back there." I said I'd prefer it if she didn't show her goods to other guys, and asked if she saw the guys nude too. She looked exasperated and said, "Of course I did, they were changing too. It's a non issue, so don't make it one. It's not the first time I've seen a d***."

Am I being too uptight about being upset that she changed in front of other guys? Can I really believe her that she was "talking" with her friends back there the whole time? I'm feeling a bit insecure.

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  • Na thats f***** maybe if its ya they were changing so i did it really fast there was no where else ,not ya they were changing to so after seeing their d*** i stuck around to talk to them for 45 min instead of be with u the person i took to the party

  • Hang in there before you make any more judgement. If she continues with what you feel is awkward relationship then leave. My wife had many one nighters and so on. I went to a party one night and walked by two guys that I heard one say. She’s the hot girl from the office that sneaks off at lunch to f*** Daryl a black athlete who lost his job in sports due to a blown knee. It turned out it was true. On the ride home from the party I questioned my wife ( girlfriend at time) she lives in apartments next to the office.
    She would meet Daryl at lunch time at her place for s**. I almost spent the entire time at party looking for this Daryl .
    When we finally ran into him I knew right away by the way he was looking at me.
    When she introduced him to me I felt helpless since he was so athletic built huge and well defined. On the ride home Linda was feeling very tipsy. We discussed prior lovers etc.i I asked her if she ever had s** with black guys and she said yes. I said she was lucky cause I heard they were extremely good in bed.Then I asked her if it was true about black guys being huge and she said mmmmm Yessssssss
    About that time she started sucking me off and I asked her about Daryl and she told me yesssss he has a huge black c*** and F**** good! I couldn’t last much longer and she loved talking about it. She told me all she thought about was s** with him and she couldn’t wait to be f***** by him. It’s hot how she tells me how he used to make her c** continuously. We’re still married

  • She loves black c*** like my wife. Let her enjoy herself.

  • She f***** them.

  • Have respect for bystanders on this page who have to endure your crap. there is a thing called public nuisance and your causing it writing rubbish and dirty words on here

  • People make so much fuss about nudity the States is dreadfully awful about it. My wife is frequently as I naked in front of others and friends it's no big deal. I am proud of her body and if my mate gets a look see of her great! True the girl your dating possibly had a bit of fun with the guy don't be so insecure it's a real turn off to the ladies.

  • I'd be a little upset too. If she changed in front of her female friends that's one thing, but in front of other guys? It's just a male reality that they were ogling her. It's human instinct. Who knows what went down in those forty minutes, but it doesn't sound good and your gf has a lot more to explain imo.

  • Uptight ? Yes, Paranoid ? Yes, - I'll bet she's thinking 'Wow, what a d***' -The problem is, that sentiment applies to your attitude and is not what she's thinking about the other guy's packages.

  • Let it go man just let it go.

  • Until she is not proved guilty she is innocent. Don't mess up with your mind. Stay positive

  • She should have known better than to change in front of guys. End of story. If she thinks it was okay, she's crazy.

  • I wouldn't like it if my gf did that as well. I mean most decent girls wouldn't do that and would expect you not changing in front of other girls either. Unless you two had an arrangement of consensual non monogamy. But if you think you want this girl around for a long time then I'd look dump her for someone else. But if the s** is fun and she's open minded, s** positive, then fun adventure lies ahead of you.

  • She was just f******. Next time bring your shorts ya dimwit.

  • Oh, my heart hurts, stop it!

  • You missed out on the bone session. She sounfs like a good f***. You cant give her enough.

  • Your petty insecurity is a turn off.

  • She’s just a toy so treat her like one. if you’re trying to look at her as the mother of your children and she acts like that it’s never gonna work out. you missed a. Gang bang session for sure

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