Girlfriends BFF

My girlfriends bestie has been staying at our house every weekend for the last month or so. A couple of weeks in I noticed on the Sunday, (she comes on Friday night) that she is still wearing the same clothes. I jokingly said she should bring her weekend clothes and leave them here in the chest of drawers in "her room" as she calls it. To my surprise two weeks ago she took my advice and brought over a bunch of clothes. Curiosity got the better of me so I checked out what she brought over. To my delight there are 5 thongs/gstrings, two bras, stockings and a garter belt and some jeans and tops. In the closet in "her room" is a laundry basket on the floor. This past weekend I had to work and wasn't home. When I came home Sunday her bestie was just leaving, we exchanged pleasantries and on she went. I had to get something from the top shelf in the closet and noticed clothes in the basket. There was two tops a pair of jeans at two dirty thongs under it all. I have been sniffing those thongs and jerking off to them all week. I can't wait until she comes back next weekend to leave me more.

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  • Ya know she is your girlfriends lover right?

  • Send me a pic of them and i will send u 1 back mate

  • Love it. I've been in the exact same position as you.

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