The Gist Family-A Bunch of Dysfunctional Freeloaders

The Gist family of Wellford, South Carolina have lived of other people for 4 generations although there were myriad opportunities to improve themselves. None of the Gist family ever improved themselves, preferring to have others pay for them in life. This family is uneducated by choice, drunkards, addicts, unemployed, & otherwise, never do wells.

Jan 30, 2020

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  • The Gist family were 14 children in all...….Imagine that...…...

  • What else can you expect from poor Caucasian trash.

  • I know these parasites also. They are nothing but trash pure trash who use people & brag about it. They are pure scum. These people aren't good people but damn trash or rather pure s***. In fact, s*** is far better than this f****** family!

  • ^OP^

  • I know this damned family personally. I know people who are friends with this dysfunctional f****** family. I live where this family live. They are what is described. In fact, they are worse much worse. They are nothing but Southern trash. They are indeed a bunch of pure leeches. They are grasping parasites.

  • I personally do not think you should use a surname. There are a lot of very good people with that last name and it’s not fair to defame them.

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