What a crazy night.

My wife and I went out the other night, It was saturday and I picked her up from work, We went for supper and ended up going clubbing, By midnight we were home and drunk and her friend texted and asked if she could come over. We were just sitting on the deck so she said sure and her friend came over very upset, Angry, Crying and blabbering about how her boyfriend was such an A-hole.
My wife kept asking why and finally she said "He is p***** that his boss and his friend saw my...Vag", My wife was like "Whaaaaat?" so she goes on to tell us that they were all at a sports pub and she was wearing the outfit she had on at the time, Heels, Short skirt and a button up top but she looked at me and paused before saying that she had accidentally flashed them. My wife asked how and she said her and her boyfriends boss were playing pool against each other and it was her shot, She leaned over the table and stuck her leg out a little to reach for her shot and after she made the shot she turned around and they were all staring at her.
She explained that there was some awkwardness and then her and her boyfriend left because he was angy and they had a huge fight. I can see how it could happen, I have been there and have actually sat right at the tables where she said they were sitting and I don't know why but the pool tables are on a raised level, Not a lot but it's a 6 inch step up and I have seen many people trip going to make thier shot and even seen a guy trip and snap what he claimed was a $500 pool cue but regardless I can see how it could happen.
My wife asked why he was so mad and she said they went home and she asked him why he was so mad and after a bit of discussion he said "Yeah, I don't need my boss...Or my friends for that matter to know my girl has an ugly vag" WHOA!!!!! Now even I may not be the smoothest guy around but even I know that is not something you say. I was kind of instantly intrigued and my wife is...Well, I don't really know how to describe her, She is not one to...Shy away from really anything and she is forward, Loud and says what sheis thinking, I hadn't ever really put much thought into it but my wife has a perfect body, No s***...36/24/34, 125 lbs and every inch of her is perfect, Therer is not one thing I would change but...
She looks at her friend and after her comment there was a lot of F him and blah, blah, blah then her friend says "I dont b**** that he has a tiny d***" which made my wife and I laugh, She says "No s***" and pulls her phone out of her bra, Whips out a picture he had sent her and...Yeah, Ok, It's not big. My wife says "Oh, I didn't expect that" and to be honest neither did I, He is a normal sized guy and I never really thought about it but yeah, He is small. Somehow along the way my wife ended up telling me to tell her friend if she had an ugly vag, I refused to get involed mainly because if she did I wasn't going to be the one to tell her.
So my wife tells her friend to "Whip it out" and everyone is laughing, Her friend says "Alright" and leans over the table, Sticks her leg out and my wife is roleplaying her boyfriends boss. I am busting a gut laughing and my wife looks up her friends skirt and then says "What the f*** is he talking about, You have a nice v*****, Baby come on, It's not the first time you have seen a v*****" and her friend is laughing, My wife is laughing and everyone is drunk so I slide my chair over beside my wife and look up her friends skirt. OK, So, My wife pulls her friends skirt up, I get a full on face level look up her vag and...well...I don't know, I can't honestly say I remember what any of the other girls I was with were like.
So my wife and I are looking up her skirt, She is leaning over the table and here is the layout, Angie (My wife's friend) is blonde, Natural blonde, Not super pretty but when she is all done up she is do-able, Overall decent build, somewhere around 5 1/2 feet tall, Decent legs, and she is a bit chesty. The thing in question, Well...she doesn't shave it, I prefer bald but it's not mine so...Not like a huge afro but not shaved, Shaved on the sides and trimmed on the rest and...Yeah, ok, she has the butterfly going on but...Soft, Pink, smooth, Not all big and ugly by any means, She has a decent bum as far as size, shape etc. But not firm at all, pretty soft and jiggly and how do I know, Well...as she is putting on her show I reach over, grab a handful and give her ass a shake and say "Pffft...He is an idiot" and sit back, Angie sits down and she put her feet on my lap and crossed her ankles, My wife says "So...Why are you commando anyway, I thought you didn't do that", Angie says "I don't but he was going to get some tonight...Not f***** now".
So there is some discussion all centered around Angies v*****, The fact she keeps it bushy, My wife kept prompting me to tell Angie how nice it is and then my wife reached over, Took Angies right foot, Uncrossed her ankles and put her right foot on the deck, Now Angie is sitting with her vag visible to me and my wife. My wife and Angie went to college together, Apparently nothing happened between them in college but my wife brought up a situation where Angies college boyfriend talked her into a threeway with one of Angies room mates and then she was infatuated with Angie after. My wife said "Well, You could always call up Erin, She apparently liked your vag", I said "Whao, Wait...What???", My wife said "Erin is the one Angie and Mike...Hooked up with" as if I know any of these people but she told me hoe this girl was always trying...And did sometimes, Slip into bed or get into the shower with Angie and whenever angie was drunk she would make out with her and try to get her to go upstairs together.
Angie laughed and said "Oh my god, She wanted to be full on girlfriends, She jumped in the shower with me one afternoon and she wanted to full out get it on again, I had to explain it was a drunk thing and that I was straight", they both laughed and Angie said "Ish", My wife looked at Angie and said "Ish?", Angie said "Well, I can see how it would have been confusing at the time being we had just...You know". My wife got quite interested and said "So, You never really said what happened, I never heard the full story", Angie said "I never told anyone the full story", I could still see right up her skirt and see her fuzzy blonde bush and between the fact I had never actually seen a true blonde before and Angie was sitting with her little pink vag visible and started telling my wife and I about this whole thing with her ex talking her into jumping into bed with her room mate and I started to have a "Problem".
So about halfway through her story Angie looks at me and my wife caught the look, Angie looks at my crotch and my wife looks at my crotch and then commented on my bulge in my shorts, My wife said "Hmmm, Someone likes your story", Angie puts her foot down and then her and my wife lean in front of me and Angie starts telling my wife details, Like full details, this leads to my wife rubbing me through my shorts and then she unzips them and I am like (Ohhhh shiiiiit), She reached in and pulled out my c***, I sat back in my chair and Angie looks down, She looks at my wife and says "Oh my...Lucky girl", My wife puts her hand on angies neck and pulls her in, they kiss right in front of me, My wife takes Angies hand and puts it on my c*** then breaks her lip lock with Angie, My wife kisses me and pushes Angies head down and...BOOM. Fireworks, Streamers, balloons, I am in shock...Never would have ever guessed it would happen.
I start to unbutton my wife's top and she looked around then said "Lets go inside", We all run to the bedroom, Angie is sucking me, I am licking my wife, Everyone gets undressed and I softly nudge Angie toward my wife, Angie got kinda ripped off in the b*** department, They are kinda big but they hang, She has big, Oblong, Pale pink nips that fade out into her freckles and they don't help the look at all, She gets on her hands and knees and they hang quite low and swing as she gets into position between my wife's legs. My wife's eyes get huge as she watches Angie lower her head and open her mouth, As her lips touch my wifes perfect vag my wife tilts her head back and she moans "Ooooohhhhhh".
I slide unde Angie on my back, Pull her down on top of my face and she is grinding and moaning and I get my middle finger good and wet inside her then start rubbing the best part about her body...Her butt hole, Perfect, Cute, Pink and oh so tight, I get her big c*** in my mouth, Start sucking it and she sits down hard, I Press my finger in and she moans as I start fingering her bum. We switched and switched and switched and I nailed Angie, My wife, Angie and they took turns going down on each other, I slipped Angie a sneaky load so hopefully that doesn't come back to bite me and my wife never caught on, We went for a long time. My absolute favorite was me kneeling over Angies face, Angie holding my ass cheeks and my wife stroking me as I softly f*** Angies mouth, I start to come, Angie moans "mmhmm, Mmhmm, Gulp, Mmhmm, Gulp" and only breaks her lip lock to say "More".
I went limp and they got on top of each other for a bit and then we were going again.
Angie stayed the night, told her boyfriend she slept on our couch but there was no sleeping, The sun was coming up by the time the booze started to wear off and we all snuggled up sweaty and drunk, We must have slept till noon at least and I woke up fully hard, Angie said she was sore so i nailed my wife missionary with angie sucking her nipples and me feeling her up and kissing Angie. Like I said Angie is not super hot, Her body is not the greatest but the two of them laid there and straight up discussed how both want to do it more. Not sure how Angie will facilitate that being she has a man but maybe not for long.

Jan 30, 2020

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