In the back seat

This will be short and sweet I think.
Lots of guys write about their wife cheating on them. I never thought my wife would, I thought we had a great marriage.
So it was Thursday, her book club night, when a group of mostly women would talk about a book, then talk about other stuff, then go to a bar and drink and talk about anything that would make them laugh. I only met the others in the group once, when Lori's car was in the shop and I had to pick her up; eight women and one man, Aaron something.
Well, last week's book club night was a little different. It was a warm night. She got to be an hour late, then an hour and a half, with no word despite my texts. So I drove to the school building where they hold the book club. Her car was in the lot, but she was not there. Then I noticed a strange thing- a man's shoe, then a sock (Argyle), then in the same direction another shoe and sock, then a shirt, etc., until it was clear a guy had been stripping on his way to the old mustard yellow station wagon parked against the bushes at the far end of the lot. That was strange, but I became alarmed when the trail became women's clothes- shoe, shoe, pantyhose, skirt- f***! I bought my wife that skirt for her birthday! -then a blouse and a bra, ending about five yards from the station wagon, where the windows were starting to steam up. I crept up to the back window, and sure enough, there on the laid-out back seat was my wife, f****** Aaron, the one guy in her book club.

Feb 4, 2020

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  • No problem not going to wear it out maybe stretch it out a bit..

  • And remember..... Blaine likes to sit on top of people's stomachs at school recess

  • How long did you watch them? Was the station wagon rocking up and down? That's got to be the hottest thing knowing your wife is in there getting nailed hard enough to shake a four thousand pound vehicle!

  • Maybe you could write a book about it. It would be an adventurous read at their book club.

  • That is very true!

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