My wife used to work in a shoe shop every so often they would have a stocktake while the shop was closed , The area manager would come to the shop to do the stocktake with the staff , My wife was one of four staff who worked in the shop but just happened to be the youngest and best looking , So every time there was a stocktake the area manager would ask my wife to help him upstairs while the other three stayed down stairs , Now my wife was telling me that he would never do anything other than telling her what to do and following her about with his clipboard , He would squeeze past my wife for no reason holding her waste and pressing himself against her , Also his favourite thing seemed to be making my wife go up the step ladder while he held onto it, There was no need because it was fixed to the racking , One time he told my wife to go to the top shelf , She had to stretch then he said to her put one foot on the racking for safety she did this then it moved , He was pushing the ladder along the racking so he could see my wifes legs wide open to see her knickers , My wife was stuck in that position while he stared at her crutch she eventually managed to get both feat back on the steps , Coming back down the steps he put his hands each side of my wife's legs pushing her skirt up to her waist revealing her knickers on full display to him , One time my wife laddered her tights he told her to take them off and she could have some new ones on him from the shop , He wanted her to take them off in front of him but my wife said No I'll go into the toilet and do it , When she came out he handed her not tights but hold up stockings again he told her to put them on in front of him but my wife declined , He told my wife to throw her old tights in his bin so she did she passed the bin 3 minutes later she noticed that they had gone , What would he get out of looking up her skirt , and what does he want with her tights ? Wierd

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  • So do you have a problem with him looking and smelling your wifes crotch in stockings? Does she enjoy the attention? Has he tried to get her in bed? Has he expossed himself to her? When he passes her and. Is pressing against her ass, does he grind on her? So does any of this anger you?

  • No I have no problem with him looking or smelling my wife , I don't know if she likes the attention , No and No , He does grind on her No it does not anger me

  • So have they had s** yet? We should chat sometime! I can tell you about my wifes boss.

  • Then maybe you should encourage her or him to have s** and let you watch, or join them! Sounds like a great set up to me!

  • Would you have a problem if he was to have s*X with her?

  • The best look he can get up her legs and sniff the tights as she is probably moist, wet and turned on by him checking her out

  • Giving the opportunity, I would be smelling her p**** and jo to her!

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