Catching my Daddy

I was so shocked and upset. I just could not believe it. It all started last week, after I got home from school early and went straight up to my room where I got the shock of my life. I didnt expect anyone in, but there laying naked on my bed flat on his back was my own Dad totally naked wanking off his very hard and quite big c*** that was enough to shock me but he had a pair of my pink lace boyshorts over his face with the gusset over his nose and mouth and taking deep sniffs and saying. Ohh baby Daddy loves the smell of your p****. You like it when Daddy licks your little cunny dont you.
I was disgusted and shocked and crept back out and down stairs and pretended to come in making a noise calling out.
I got myself a drink and then went up stairs to my room and my Dad had disappeared into the bathroom.
I was so upset and felt sick. Why was my own Dad sniffing his own Daughters dirty panties while jerking off why wasn't he using Mums?
He came out of the bathroom and I went in and looked in the hamper my dirty panties he was sniffing were right on top and when I picked them up it was obvious he had carried on wanking off into them as they was full up of his s****?
I s this normal? I asked one of my friends at school and she said her stepdad uses her dirty panties every day. He doesnt know she knows. I went onto another chat and a few of my friends on there said that they had either caught their dad, stepdad, or brother sniffing their dirty panties and they think it is quite normal.
I thought it was sick.
I went to bed and could only think about my Dad wanking his c*** on my bed while sniffing my dirty panties. I wondered how many times he had done it and how long ago he started.
Then today an hour ago I crept home again and sure enough there he was again laying on my bed naked with my black cotton thong over his head sniffing at the dirty gusset saying how lovely my p**** smelled and that he wanted me to come and sit on Daddies face. This time I stayed and watched him. I couldn't help it I knew it was wrong but I was so curious.
I t didnt take him long and as he was coming he sucked on the crotch of my dirty panties saying yes baby c** into Daddies mouth he shot his load into the pair he c** into the day before.
I crept away again and made a noise so he thought I was just coming home.
This time I realised I was a little turned on and my puffy nipples and p**** were tingling like mad. I went straight into my room and masturbated myself making my p**** c** twice right into the crotch of my pink lace thong. It was really thick with my cream. I set a trap for him and I put them on the top of the hamper in the bathroom and said I was gonna take a quick shower did he want to use the loo first sure enough he said he did.
I loosened the screws on the toilet latch first.
After I was sure he was sniffing my very wet sticky and cummy panties I burst in and pretended I was shocked to see him wanking again with the crotch of my very dirty panties up to his nose and mouth sniffing away.
I screamed in shock and he was so embarrassed. I said what the f*** are you doing sniffing my dirty panties Dad? Wait till I tell Mum. No Please baby. I will do anything for you.
Why are you sniffing your daughters dirty panties Daddy? How long have you been doing it and dont tell me its the first time as I have watched you before.
Then we heard Mum coming in and I said this is not over yet. I will tell you the rest later.

Feb 4, 2020

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  • My own Dad does this regularly as well I have caught him 5 times now at first I felt sick and angry and threatened to tell Mum, but I blackmailed him into being a lot more lenient with me and giving me a lot more pocket money every week.
    in return I allow him to continue to sniff and lick my dirty panties whenever he wants. I have even taken pairs off right in front of him and given them to him and told him to sniff and lick these you dirty sick panty perv.
    I have made him w*** off in front of me a few times while sniffing my fresh creamy panties after I had been fingered by my boyfriend.
    I even came home drunk last week and feeling very h**** told my Dad that my panties were very wet and sticky after being fingered twice by a boy I had just met. Would you like to see them Daddy he nodded yes.
    I lifted my very short skirt and showed him my very sexy light blue lace thong that I had brought with my additional pocket money.
    I bet you would like to get your nose into these wouldnt you you sick f*****.
    I started to video him for use another day. He was practically drooling over me.
    It was obvious he had a major bone on. Show me your c*** Dad. He took his c*** out and I was impressed by his size very long not too thick but still big. Bigger than my boyfriends anyway.
    I told him to lay down on the lounge floor and start wanking for me.
    What if Mum comes home he said. Then she will find out exactly what a sick pervert she is married to. I then stood astride my Dads shoulders with my legs wide he was staring right into my by now wet crotch.
    How does my little smell Daddy? How many times have you sniffed your own daughters dirty panties? How old was I when you first sniffed a pair of your own daughters dirty panties and jerked off you sick pedo.

  • My older sister caught me sniffing her dirty panties when I was younger and she was shocked and annoyed at 1st but after she calmed down she told me she wanted to watch me. I was very embarrassed but she said she will tell all of our friends if I didnt do it. So I started again. I was so embarrassed about actually sniffing my own older sisters dirty panties right in front of her while wanking. She asked how long I had been sniffing her dirty panties and I told her a few years omg you panty perv she called me. Do you have a favourite pair of my panties she asked. I went bright red and nodded c'mon then she said tell me. Your dark blue lace boy shorts I told her or her red silk panties. mmmm she said good choice they both always make me feel sexy she said.
    Do you know what panties I am wearing today she asked? No I said as lifted her school skirt and showed me her white lace full backs. I bet you have had your pervy little nose in these a few times haven't you. I nodded.
    Well let me see that c*** of yours little brother. She sat on the chair opposite me and opened her legs wide and started to rub her p**** through her panties telling me her p**** was tingling and that her panties were getting very wet and sticky. I started to rub my hard c*** up and down and she told me she wants to suck her own brothers c***. Just then we heard our Mum come in the front door. OOPPPS my sister said best not let mum see us like this. She quickly took off her very wet and sticky panties and handed them to me and told me to enjoy them. Ohh I did and many times since.

  • Tell me more, love it.

  • What the h*** love you need to be removed from that pedophiles house!!!

  • Totally disagree, just because it's not your thing. It is perfectly normal for a father to be sexually attracted to his daughter and normal the other way round.

  • Yes nowadays it isn't just daddy that wants it

  • Sniffing panties by male members of the family is not abnormal, rather it is quite erotic. I used to do the same with my daughters and nieces panties of all sorts for long and enjoyed a lot and that always led to heightened pleasure in masturbation and/or s** with my gfs! One of my gfs was quite open and she would roll her silk thong soon after I came in her p**** and push it inside her c*** to soak off our mixed juices. Later on she would hand over the thong to me to suck on and smell it! Loved it.

  • Step daughters, nieces, cousins, friends little girls I love coming in panties!

  • You're a f****** pedo

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