Wifes best friends feet

It's no secret that I have a foot fetish. My sweet wife while making a few jokes here and there is also very understanding. My wife's best friend was at our house recently, she also knows and makes cracks about my fetish, well she caught me starring at her feet and proceeded to dangle her shoe and when I looked up at her face she was looking me right in the eye with a little grin on her face to let me know that she caught me looking at her feet. To make matters worse she let her shoe drop showing off her well manicured toes through her sheer nylon hose. She knew that she was absolutely killing me. Sliding off the other shoe I was lucky enough to get the scent of her feet and leather shoes, I immediately got an erection and she knew I was squirming , she kept looking at me with a grin while rubbing her feet together and scrunching her toes and just all around taunting me with those darn sexy feet of hers. Just then the phone rang and my wife who was in the kitchen cooking said "hey honey can you get that" So her friend chuckling said "yea, you don't mind getting that do you" I looked at her and she grinned back at me and my sweet wife was clueless. Later I said "thanks" and she said "what ever I can do to help". We have all been friends a long time. I think it was her way of flirting a little (harmless of course) it was priceless.

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  • Sounds like a flirt to me

  • I like the part about having to answer the phone with a big b**** his pants there's nothing more embarrassing
    for a guy.

  • That's was an invitation my dear ;)

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