Girlfriend Lingerie Confusion

My girlfriend and I split up a few months ago, it sort of fizzled out and I found out a couple of days ago that she’d started a relationship with one of my close friends.
I was surprised that it upset me so much but the feeling of humiliation actually turned me on!
My stomach was knotted and I was confused about how I felt, a strange feeling of excitement and humiliation came over me.
She’d moved most of her belongings out but I decided to sweep the house of everything that she’d left behind and put it all in bags.
It didn’t take long and the last room to tackle was the bedroom.
At the back of the top drawer in my chest of drawers was a stash of her underwear that she must’ve forgotten about.
I felt the lace of the panties in my hand followed by the matching suspender belt, bra and shiny tan lace top stockings.
I then thought of my ex getting dressed up in something similar and f****** my friend which brought back those strange and conflicting feelings.
For some unknown reason, maybe it was to feel close to her, I decided to strip off and get dressed in her lingerie.
The feeling was fantastic and I couldn’t believe why I hadn’t tried it before!
I’ve been wearing it all for two days now under my clothes and can’t get enough of it.
I’ve c** so many times thinking about her being f*****, I know it’s wrong but it makes me feel so sexy thinking about it.
Does anyone have similar experiences and where will this take me?
I’m very confused.

Feb 6, 2020

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  • You should post photos on XVideos, full lingerie..

  • I’m straight and like to wear pantyhose and panties nothing more. I also have fantasize about my girlfriend f****** other guys. It would turn me on. I would also have her tell me stories about f****** other guys. Just made up s*** but it would turn me on. You’ll be ok. Don’t listen to these a*******.

  • You will want your next girl to f-ck a guy in front of you and then you will lick her clean. Don't fight it. Just go along. It's great.

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