A long four years

What I continue doing is not embarrassing to me. On the other hand what I'm about to admit is very embarrassing and there for, I never let my children or any of my friends know about it. There is a young man (David) who moved into my apartment complex last July who always came home from work in scrubs. It was obvious he worked in a hospital and through others I found out he was an inhalation therapist. I continued however to call him Doctor when I saw him even though he did tell me once he wasn't a doctor. I'm 56, have 3 grown children and divorced my husband 4 years ago. I live alone and to be honest was sexually frustrated after my divorce. Although I'm 56 now I am still in relatively good shape, watch my figure and only weigh 121 pounds at 5'4''. Our apartment complex has a pool and I'm still confident to wear a 2 piece bathing suit. My entire life I have always been a partial exhibitionist with swim suits and the way I dressed. I am the one who initiated the first episode with David when I spoke to him n the parking lot. It was instantly clear that he had been drinking and after a short conversation brazenly asked him if he would give me an opinion about a pain or cramp I had on my inner thigh. I think I called him doctor several times as we spoke and this time he never corrected me. He was inebriated enough to give me his phone number and I said I would call him the next day about it. When I called I referred to him a Dr. Dave, then went into a false cramp and pain I had in my thigh and crotch. Without giving him a chance to say anything I only asked when he could come over to check it for me. I just kept talking telling him I had no doctor in the area and lied when I said I hadn't been living here long. He kind of stuttered for a moment then said he would call me back. A few days went by and I didn't hear from him and blamed myself for being to aggressive with him. It was 6 days later that he called me on a Tuesday evening asking me if I was ok and did I still have the cramps and pain. I told him I did and rather than be pushy about it asked him when he could do it again referring to him as Doctor Dave. That's when he said he could be here in 10 minutes.

Panic set in and I wasn't sure how to handle myself with this cute young man. My brain was spinning and I still can't believe how fast I undressed and got into my bathrobe. When he came over my first words were to say thank you "doctor", then saying how embarrassed I was about it. We had small talk for about 15 minutes where I made up the cramping sensations I was having in my private areas. He didn't say much at all but I could smell alcohol on his breath. He finally asked where I would be most comfortable. I just blurted out probable my sofa. All he said was fine, then I went over and laid down with a pillow under my head. Then I tried my best to be shy telling him I didn't have any underwear on. He just said to show him where the cramps are. I wasn't sure then whether I was fooling with him or he was taking advantage of me. I don't really remember what my plans were and did I really want s** with this young guy or only want to expose myself. In any event I never hesitated to untie my robe and open it for him but without completely revealing my b******. He then said to show me where the pain and cramps where and I first touched the inside of my left crotch area then touched my v*****. He first touched my thigh pressing on it and then touched the outside of my pubic area where I instantly became aroused. He had his hand over my v***** and lightly pressed down asking if it felt ok. My reply was a dead give away as I exposed my b****** and reacted enough that he knew I was aroused by it.

Within a minute or two I felt him penetrating me with his fingers and then felt one of his hands on my b******. He stopped for a moment and quickly took off his pants and before anything was said I was having intercourse for the first time in over 4 years. I had multiple o****** and nothing was said between us. What struck me funny at one point was when he told me he was going to c** and was it ok. I think he was asking if he should pull out but I actually held his butt allowing him to e******** inside me. I had a hysterectomy 10 years ago so he didn't have to pull out at the last minute, plus my age. I'd like it more often but he does come here once a week, twice if I'm lucky. Since then he knows now that I lied about the pains and cramps and knew all along he wasn't a doctor. He tells me now all I had to do is ask. He stays for ours and often stays overnight. I give him oral s** more than I ever did with my husband and since December has encouraged me to shave my pubic hair, which I have never done before. I met his girlfriend back in September but of course she knows nothing about this. I'm not sure how he actually thinks of me but the intimacy we have is wonderful. When he is here he is attentive, so much so, he talked me into masturbating in front of him many times. Never in my life have I ever let a guy watch me do that. Even that doesn't embarrass me. The Embarrassing thing would be if any of my family or friends knew about this. David is only 33 which is a year younger than my oldest daughter. I must perform well for him otherwise he wouldn't keep coming over each week. I don't how long this will last but at least I am not frustrated anymore and have an outlet from self gratification all the time.

Feb 6, 2020

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  • You should give him a surprise treat and let him shave you smooth and make sure he run the razor over and around your tight puckered 56 yr old b******* too!! Enjoy! ; *

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