Sexual Rush

I have gotten my girlfriend's mother worn panties out of her hamper whenever I was alone. I would get 2-3 pair of worn underwear out of the hamper and sniff them and carefully spread them on my gf mother bed. After sniffing them and spreading them carefully on her bed I made sure the crotch area was open enough to catch my full load. I loved to c** on the crotch area where the lips touch the most. It made me feel as though I was having s** with her. I never dried the c** up because I always put them back in the hamper to air dry. I was so turned on I could j*** off and c** in her panties in a few minutes. Sometimes she would get back from errands sooner than expected and I know the panties hadn’t dried completely. She has done laundry before and I’m sure she felt my man juice slightly drying but never mentioned it directly. She constantly teases me when I’m around and even teases my gf. I’ve tried slightly to see if she would bite if I responded correctly but it never happened and probably won’t happen. I want to suck her c*** softly until she c*** so hard. After that I could slide my big throbbing chocolate bar slowly inside her moist, warm & fuzzy kitty. I probably wouldn’t last not even 30 minutes inside her. I imagine her walls clamping down around my c*** as I’m trying to allow her to c** fully but I’m squirting my yogurt inside her. I would c** so much I’m sure because of how much I c** inside her panties. My c*** is rock hard trying to type this. I just want to suck her toes, c***, t*** and stick my c*** b**** deep inside her until I let off a full load.

Dec 5, 2020

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  • I used to always rummaged through the laundry basket when I visited aunties and neighbours houses when I was a teenager, if anyone stayed over mums friends or my aunts I’d go through their overnight bag until I found their worn panties. I used to fetch a pair home and smell them and get so excited I would c** in them and mix our juices together. Eventually as I grew older I stopped but started again when I got married and visited my mother in laws house, she was 25+ years older than me in her 50’s with huge perfectly round b******, I used to play with myself imagining she would walk in on me and finish me off. One time I stayed over and had her house to myself so I went right through all her underwear leaving my wetness on all of them as I got more excited. Eventually I came in a worn pair I found in the laundry and left my juices there for her to find. To this day I still get excited thinking about it but now I like to wear my wife’s panties worn or not, this always ends up with me c****** in them and then I leave them around for her to find and she can see and smell that I’ve c** in them straight away.

  • I got caught just as i was c****** into the panty by my friends mom. I was so embarrassed I didn't go over there anymore.

  • Please come up with better euphemisms for c*** and c**

  • I do the same thing to my aunts panties it's so hot

  • I love c****** in my aunts black lacy panties as you can see the c** stains better.

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