Wtf is wrong with these adults

You know what. All of you adults here are disgusting pedophiles writing sexual wants underneath little girls confessions and questions. What kind of a f***** mind do you seriously have?

Feb 9, 2020

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  • It's not just verbal consent. Children don't have the right to confirm any contract or give consent about anything that doesn't have to do with food, clothing, or shelter. They legally can't buy a pair of earbuds from the store, or picture frame from a garage sale. All sales are consent and contracts.

  • I agree. I thought it was just me. I would never think about having s** with a family member

  • I've had relations with my little sister. We're both consenting adults, and didnt grow up with each other though. And we try our best to make sure there is no power inequality.

  • Agree these people are disgusting.

  • Many of them are genuine. Mind that many under-aged/children even aged 5 to 8 yo are inquisitive of sexuality. They tend to explore their sexual organs and get in touch with older ones - male and female. For me I used to love fingering p**** of little girls (5-8 yo) and they loved it. A couple of such girls I was with went as far as my fingering with two fingers using lube. Later on, I could push in my stiff c*** till I felt obstruction by their hymen. But I stopped at that point not to hurt them

  • Beautiful tight young p****

  • This site being anonymous certainly helps with that

  • Little girls tight p**** and learning about s**

  • I think most of these posts are fake stories written by people to relieve their sexual fantasies. Its better to relieve harmful fantasies in these posts than to do it IRL.

  • Well hopefully they're fake

  • Is it not better to "fantasize" here and beat off than actually going out and doing this stuff to kids? Fantasy is harmless rape is not

  • It's not rape if you ask them and they say yes

  • No that's called heaven!

  • You do know that they are KIDS and not adults who can give verbal consent?

  • They are old enough to talk

  • Too strong of a fantasy can turn into reality though

  • That's not always such a bad thing

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