Wtf is wrong with these adults

You know what. All of you adults here are disgusting pedophiles writing sexual wants underneath little girls confessions and questions. What kind of a f***** mind do you seriously have?

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  • Many of them are genuine. Mind that many under-aged/children even aged 5 to 8 yo are inquisitive of sexuality. They tend to explore their sexual organs and get in touch with older ones - male and female. For me I used to love fingering p**** of little girls (5-8 yo) and they loved it. A couple of such girls I was with went as far as my fingering with two fingers using lube. Later on, I could push in my stiff c*** till I felt obstruction by their hymen. But I stopped at that point not to hurt them

  • Beautiful tight young p****

  • This site being anonymous certainly helps with that

  • Little girls tight p**** and learning about s**

  • I think most of these posts are fake stories written by people to relieve their sexual fantasies. Its better to relieve harmful fantasies in these posts than to do it IRL.

  • Well hopefully they're fake

  • Is it not better to "fantasize" here and beat off than actually going out and doing this stuff to kids? Fantasy is harmless rape is not

  • It's not rape if you ask them and they say yes

  • You do know that they are KIDS and not adults who can give verbal consent?

  • Too strong of a fantasy can turn into reality though

  • That's not always such a bad thing

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