Why are these concessions full of pedophiles? And why is no one c

I have been on the website for a maximum of 20 minutes and so far i have seen dozens of pedophiles commenting inappropriately to little kids posts like how the f no one is raising this problem? I literally just saw a post of a little girl posting something about her dad wanking in her room when she's in school and touching her like seriously it's either all made up because of peoples sick twisted fantasies or these young kids need serious help.

Feb 9, 2020

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  • Pedophilia is far more common that you could imagine. Billionaires and people in power "enjoy" it but nobody dares to touch them (forget about police, FBI - they don't even dare to look at them in a wrong way) because the law is only there for ordinary people.
    But when ordinary people try something like that (eg. 30 year old man having s** with 15 year old girl), society will go nuts.
    It only shows that most people are stupid and that powerful individuals can do whatever they want without being criticized. Even more sad is that most ordinary people fully support that - because they are dumb and afraid.

  • Not all are fakes. Many small girls (or boys) are inquisitive about their sexual organs from an early age - say, 7 to 12 yrs. Most such tendencies come from watching their parents or elders having s**. The adult members take this opportunity of being closer with them and they enjoy it. My early age sexuality developed watching animals f****** in our farm. Then at the age of 12 I took a girl of barely 8 yr for sexploration and soon we were f****** full. Her parents took her away when she developed a fairly large pair of b**** at an early age due to my handling them!!

  • I was 13 she was 8 , my sister she was my first I was her first

  • Unfortunately, you nailed it. That's what it is here for the most part. Sick twisted fantasies (with a side shot of OCD) and kids who need help (but not the kind they think they need). Coming here is like driving by a massive accident, only it's the minds that are splattered and oozing everywhere instead of bodies.

  • But you still keep coming back

  • And you keep turning on Fox News, for the same reasons. What's your point?

  • Kmt these people think a 7 year old can give consent if he/she is supposedly sexual and wants it. How the f*** can a little child be aware of impacts of having s** with its dad/brother. Worse than that their excuse is "Children especially teenagers are getting more and more sexual" it's all these old men behind the keyboard defending pedophilic behaviour.

  • 7 is far too young for any sexual activity. I'm pro incest but only between adults.

  • I mean you are a sensible one

  • You are a sensible pne

  • Stop just accusing men! I am female and I f****** love it. It's such a turn on for me! get off your high horse.

  • You are full of crap

  • I too believe children aren't sexually aware at 7. Children may curious about what something may look like or may feel like. My younger sister was interested in touching/playing with me at a young age but it didn't become sexual until 12 or 13 when playing became masturbation. By the time she was 15 we were have full intercourse with protection, obviously. I don't think learning from a sibling is a bad thing and people need to be more open minded about sexual activities between family members.

  • I agree I see nothing wrong with it and like you say at 7 they don't know it is sexual, I did it with friends and family no harm done

  • Exactly ;)

  • It was just looked at kids being kids and growing up, nowadays everything is such a big b***** deal

  • Totally, it's almost like everyone wants to be labelled a victim.

  • Bury your head in the sand and ignore the facts as you wish

  • Almost as bad as people who can’t spell confessions despite the prevalence of auto correct technology

  • I don't use autocorrect as i don't feel the need for it. When i was writing the title i was in a rush. But hey, according to a 'large' group of people it's common for father's to get " sexually"attracted to their daughter/sons so you might want to show your judgement on that and not to a word.

  • We will show our judgment on multiple areas, such as incestuous sickfucks who deserve to die and retards who refuse to use autocorrect =)

  • Autocorrect probably *provided* the alternative word. It's really ducking annoying how it does that. ;)

  • Hi, I read the post you mentioned and I would assume that the girl in the post is a teenager maybe? I think we need to stop pretending that fathers aren't sexually attracted to their daughters, especially as they are going through puberty. Sexual desire can lead to this sort of behaviour especially when a father is desperately wanting to be close to his daughter. But privacy should be respected. Fathers and daughters are normally very close and how close they should be is really a matter of opinion.

  • You honestly think it is just daddy that wants s**, kids are becoming sexually active younger and younger, I don't see a problem if she is willing and there is no force or threats, i heard of a study where they asked a bunch of school girls how many had "sexted" with a boy and about 70% said they had, the youngest was 7 and she admitted to spreading her legs naked and sending boys pics of her p****

  • All of you are sick minded

  • I would be interested to know where you got those stats from?? But i do think 7 is pedophole territory and a 7 year may have questions about s**, she is too young for sexual contact, even with a father.

  • Agreed, I just heard the study driving home

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