Miranda Rights and trump rights.

Next time I commit a crime, I’ll take the trump way out in court.
1. I don’t have to show up.
2. No witnesses can be called.
3. No evidence can be presented.
5. I pick the prosecutor.
6. I pick the jury.
7. I pick the judge.

Feb 9, 2020

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  • This has aged well, hasn't it?

  • I am a Trump lover. Umm, you Liberals are cry babies. We have morals and you don't. I may be uneducated, a hypocrite, a liar and sometimes a thief....buy my guy, President Trump is in office and will be re-elected for 4 more years. Oh, by the way....I own a gun and I pray and wave an American flag. LOL

  • The Trumpster is a true American: weak , incompetent, senile, corrupt, obese.

  • Naa! You're just dumb as a bag of doorknobs.

  • Ever notice how Therump lovers can’t think of anything to say other than to call Democrat’s liberals and cry babies.
    Democrats are not as liberal as crooked republicans. We believe in laws and morals much more than the republican government does.
    Republicans have now proven they are uneducated hypocrites, liars, and thieves.

  • I do that in everything now. What you talking about. 😄

  • Awww poor little butt hurt Liberal, and your butt hurt Liberal friends commenting below.
    Boo hoo

  • Your butt will hurt just as much or more if Turtle Bump has another four years after this one.
    What does it benefit anyone that his family’ is milking the system and ruining the country?

  • Kill yourself

  • So tolerant

  • Typical butt hurt Liberal answer 😂

  • Not all of us anti-Trumpers are liberals, idiot. But since your thought processes can't go beyond either cheering your favorite narcissistic mental case or mumbling "liberal" every single time you don't get a roaring Amen, I don't expect you to comprehend such a concept.

  • Don't forget the now-standard followup:
    1. Smugly downplay the whole thing. Behave like a toddler who just stole another kid's toy and got away with it.
    2. Openly threaten anyone who stood against you.
    3. Don't forget the 2nd grade-level name-calling. Twitter's great for that sort of thing, as we've all exhaustively learned by now.
    4. Aggrandize yourself every single chance you get. Make chances if more than two minutes go by without a chance presenting itself.
    5. Keep making absolutely everything about yourself while s******* quite literally everybody besides those who kiss your butt. (And if they waver for even a second, refer to #3.)

  • Funny how the Foxtards don't have anything to say to this, too much truth???

  • Funny, obstruction of Congress and abuse of power isnt a chargeable offense, otherwise all the congressmen would be in jail...

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