Spank Me

I'm a woman that likes to be spanked. I find many men are hesitant at first but seldom have one that doesn't want to participate. It needs no analysis or discussion, it's just me. It leads me to more satisfying s** and o******. I seldom wear panties and like being spanked in running tights, bare butt, swimsuits, and of course pantyhose ( Spanx pantyhose must be named that for a reason and men love me in a pair of them).

I'm a pretty normal and professional woman but when you get me alone I will be laying across your lap for a vigorous spanking before we get to the lovemaking. No one has ever left unhappy, especially me. That's the point, I do this for me and a byproduct is that others enjoy helping me (o****** all around!).

Feb 10, 2020

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  • I am searching for a girlfriend that accept spanking

  • I love when my hubby spanks me. When have been married 20 years and he still spanks me with his belt if I am bad, sometimes I am bad on purpose lol.

  • My Daddy spanked me regularly. And by the time I was 12 it became sexually arousing to me. When I was 13 I was being spanked for stay out to late on a Friday night and I orgasmed. It was a body shaking massive o******. My father paused and gave me one more wack. Then said, Go to bed, but change your pajamas there soaked. Don't let your mother see them.

    After that I went to Daddy, every night, and he spanked me. After a month i would strip so I was naked. By 15, I would get spanked and then climb on him and ride him until we both o******.

    We got caught by mom when I was 16, but she was drunk as usual and just watched. She masturbated. 42 years passed and mom watched us almost every night masturbating every time. Knowing mom was watching Daddy spank and f*** me as she got off on it made me c** even harder.

    I'm 60 now, Daddy is 85, but he still is very sexual and we spank and f*** even more since mom died last year.

    I have two sons with Daddy, 28 and 30, who he trained to spank me. I also make love to them.

  • Love your mention of Spanx pantyhose. Never thought of that because I thought they were just a high compression pantyhose, but DANG women look incredible in them! Great confession. Have a great spanking and a nice day!

  • It's wonderful that you know who you are and are comfortable with that. So many people suppress their desires and leave a situation unhappy - it's sad when that happens in the bedroom.

    I like to be spanked as well, but it's much harder to find women who will agree to spank a man.

  • Now here's a woman after my own heart - I LOVE to spank a woman as foreplay as well as regular punishment! just reading yr post has aroused me!

  • Thank you. All men are crazy about a woman in pantyhose but many are shy about admitting it. The slap of a hand on a lovely butt is a real turn-on. The fact that you are confident and make no excuses for what you like is also a big turn-on! On behalf of men everywhere I thank you sincerely. You have my respect.

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