I want to be spanked

I want to be spanked. I'm in a relationship with a woman who is the dominant and she spanks me regularly, My mother was a religious fanatic and she started it all. I have two older sisters. We were reared almost like nuns. Our mother was obsessed with s** or lack of it and purity. She totally controlled our lives. We had to wear cotton panties in high school and long skirts. Finally when I was 16 I had a job and was able to buy some real "girlie" underwear. My older sisters went through the same routine. I remember the day I felt I had moved up one rung of the ladder. The three of us went shopping and I bought myself some pantyhose and some nylon panties with lace trim along with a couple very feminine lacy bras. The panties were bikini type and two pairs were very sheer. I knew what would happen if my mother found them.
She also believed in whipping us for the slightest offense and it was often in front of each other. She had a leather strap that I took when I left home. That strap gave me some great o******. I was ten the first time I got it and after that I got strapped about once a month for whatever she thought I did wrong. When we started to date our mother really got stressed. She took us out shopping one by one and bought us each two panty girdles with nylon stockings and informed us that we were always to wear the girdle on dates and on Sundays when we had to go to Church. My oldest sister knew how to wear a girdle so she told me to put on panties as usual and then pantyhose with the girdle over the pantyhose. The first time after I put the girdle on it was tight but I felt kind of sexy in it. I hadn't worn stockings ever till one day we were going to wedding and I decided to wear stockings. The girdle's had detachable garters so I put them on my girdle, donned a pair of white nylon panties and then the girdle and finally hitched up the nylons. They were more sheer than the pantyhose and felt silkier and I liked wearing them.
We were still getting regular strappings but things changed for me one night when I came home late from a date. My boyfriend and I had been making out at his parents house. I let him take my blouse and bra off and went nuts when he started caressing my b****** especially the nipples. Then he put his hand between my legs and slowly went up inner calf to the top. Even with the panty girdle it sent jolts through me. It wasn't long before I had gotten so wet that my panties and the girdle were soaked. I got home late and my mother was waiting. My sisters had to wait with her because she told them we were all going to get a lesson that night. When I got in she very coldly told us to take our girdles off. My oldest sister was first. She had to take her skirt off and bend over a chair and then mother dear started in with the strap. After 20 hard swats she finished and told my middle sister to get in position. She told her to count them out. She got 20 over her pantyhose and panties. Then it was my turn. I was still wet and still horrny. I bent over the chair and held on. My mother asked if I was ready and I said yes. She then started but first told me I was getting 30. She started methodically with the hard strokes on my butt and this time although I felt the pain I was also getting wet again and was also starting to get a strange feeling through my body and was breathing heavier. Finally she stopped and I couldn't move. I felt almost dizzy. My older sister grabbed me and we went up stairs. She got me in her room and asked what was going on. I told her and she then said to me "my God, you had an o*****." I had never c** before but it felt so good I was ready to go downstairs and asked to be spanked again. The second time it happened was also a night I came in late from a date and was h**** as h***. I knew she would be waiting and she was. No lecture just "get in position while I get the strap." I took my skirt and panty girdle off and bent over the chair waiting. In a minute she came back and said "you're getting thirty. If I had worn bikini panties and skipped the girdle she's have promised me 50 which I now figure was good for two o******. Are you ready." I mumbled something and she started and after the first few I could feel myself getting more h****. I knew my panties were getting wetter and after maybe 25 I could feel myself starting to c**. After she was done I managed to stand up straight, get my things and upstairs. I shared a room with my middle sister and she heard everything. She asked me how I was and I looked at her and simply said, "the spanking made me c**." So, without planning it my mother turned me into a bi-sexual, very h**** girl who gets really hot when spanked.

Mar 24, 2021

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