Walked in on my brother and his wife.

I was at work the other night and then went for a couple beers after work, When I got home it was close to midnight and I had left my phone at home by accident, I walked in and seen a note on the counter saying that my brother Jeff and his wife Jessie had come to visit, My brother has been out of my parents house for close to 20 years now and I am the baby of the family at 22 but still living at home, The note said my parents had given them my room since Jeff's room was turne dinto an office years ago.
I was going to grab some blankets out of the hall closet and I could hear them in my room getting it on, They were whispering but they were definitely getting down in my room, I listened and waited, I could hear my brothers wife who is 42 but a very attractive woman and I would almost say she looks closer to 30 than to 40 but I could hear her breathing heavy and whispering "ooohhh baby yaeh, It's been so long, Keep going", I was trying not to laugh as I listened and then I got the idea that I should walk in on them but there was the note.
I went back and set my lunch box on top of the note and went back to my door, I could hear that Jessie was geeting pretty worked up and was waiting for just the right moment and then I heard her say "Oh god, Can I come like this, I'll give you some after" and I thought "Here we go, He is going down on her and that is perfect, I'll break it up and he won't get any" (Just a little brotherly love). So I wait and listen and she starts breathing heavier and faster and then she wispers "Yup, Right there, Right there...OOOO" and I open the door.
Well, It couldn't have been more perfect, My brother is on his back and his pretty little wife is sitting on his face facing my door but not sitting normal, She is sitting with her ass on his face rubbing her c*** and he was licking her butt hole, She looks up and comes while locking eyes with me, she is a very pretty, small built blonde, Blue eyes and small saggy b**** but her nips point up, She was shaking like a leaf in the wind and her b**** were shaking and jiggling, Her eyes were rolling back in her head and she had her bald (Insert surprise here) p**** spread eagle with her little ass squatted right against his face as she held his hair pulling his head up against her.
She came and it took like 10-15 seconds before she's like "Oh god" and pushed my brothers head down, Stretched out one leg and rolled off his face flashing her bald, pink p**** spread even wider as she got onto her hands and knees and I could see her p**** from behind as she crawled up the bed and got under the covers. My brother got up and said "DUDE!!! Door", I closed the door and went back to the kitchen. A few minutes later my brother came out and I said "F***, I am so sorry, I just was caught off guard", He said "It's fine, Whatever" and stared at me then said "Awww...F*** man...You didn't read the note?", I said "What note?", He looked around and moved my lunch box and said "This one" and handed it to me, I read it and said "F***, I am sorry man".
We went to dads garage and had a beer and he laughed at his wife's embarrassment, He said "So...What did you see?", I said "Uh...Well...We are much closer now...I don't think there is much I didn't see", I looked at him and said "Were you...", He chuckled and said "Yup, It's her new thing", She just started shaving her p**** two months ago and then probably in the last month started letting me lick her ass and now she wants it every time". We finished our beers as he told me how embarrassed she was and I made sure to let him know I got a good look at her p**** and that it is VERY nice.
After we finished our beers he said "Well bro, I'm gonna go f*** my wife in your bed" and laughed, I said ok and opened another beer, I waited for him to go inside and snuck to my bedroom window, I crawled up onto the air conditioner and watched her suck his d*** on her hands and knees with her ass toward the window, She also has a nice little pink bum hole and her p**** is beautiful, Then he laid her back and f***** her for about 10 minutes while I jerked off and then he pulled out and she swallowed.
The next day was a bit tense but it will be fine I am sure.

Feb 8, 2020

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  • This is disgusting and shameful.

  • Fake news!

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