I'm disappointed with modern women

I'm a straight man in my 30's. I had bad two relationships behind me and in both of them women were trying to manipulate me and push their own ideas and desires above anything else. Unlike 90% of modern male weaklings, I didn't like that at all so I broke with them. Relationships should be based on agreements and mutual interests, while women should allow men to make important decisions rather than compete with men. The problem is that most women these days act like a traditional alpha men, they are self-centered, career-oriented b****** who will stop at nothing to fulfill their own personal goals. In other words they lost femininity.

On the other hand, trans women have more traditional female traits than modern women, you can rely on them, they are far less likely to manipulate you and generally they are like women used to be 50 years ago. Some of them look better than 95% of biological women, so I slightly started developing interest in them. Now I prefer them over modern women and I don't consider myself gay because generally I don't like man. In my book trans women aren't men.

Feb 14, 2020

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  • WOMEN don't have to worry about prostate cancer.
    TRANS WOMEN don't have to worry about pregnancy.
    Screaming b***** murder every time someone uses what is considered the "wrong" pronoun will not automatically turn Steve into the pretty princess he thinks he is. If he's a pretty princess, fine-- but he is still a DUDE.

    Get over your delusional selves. There are REAL issues in the world to be concerned about, in case you weren't paying attention.

  • Stop p****** on yourself and grow a pair. For hundreds of years it was unacceptable for women to have power, and now that they do, and because you are a feeble ass, you resent them. It is 2020 and get used to women having a say in things that might even dictate your existence, if you can't buck up and get your s*** together to be something other than an outdated, myopic t***.

  • I am 110% over anyone, male female or any of 6000 edgy "alternative" genders, putting on the "alpha" routine. THAT is the problem, end of. If you can't see that, you are part of the problem.

  • There's nothing wrong with being confident and assertive. It's people who take that mindset too far that are the idiots. Just for once, try to take an honest look at stupid human tricks without bringing genitalia into it! Think you can handle that, or am I talking to the wrong bunch of losers?

  • I have had similar thoughts. You are describing a general loss of femininity over the last few decades. But increases in shared power, employment, fashion and "empowerment", etc. have made love between a man and women a tough game to play. It isn't that men are suffering as much as they are disappointed that equality created a void that dropped femininity, fashion, sexuality and even simple conversation downward. I find it amusing, and I agree, that it takes trans women to return class, style and the power of sexuality to the void. I salute them all.

    I am a widower, early sixties, who misses true ladies. In my case I call one of the many women in the local scene who are s** providers. They know what I want and are happy to please in nylons, sexy nightgowns, silky sexy outfits, etc. They delight in the outfits I buy for them and feel pampered. We have developed good friendships with great respect between us. They too understand what we are talking about. They are not offended. They have my respect. They are smart in not playing the games you describe. They are in the happiness business and make more than most equality driven female drones who hate their jobs and their lives.

  • Trans women =/= "true ladies". If Alzheimer's weren't an issue, you'd realize that simple biological fact.

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