Ive wasted my life and want to change

Had parents who did everything they could for me, yes I was lucky. But Ive failed. I screwed up college, screwed up every job Ive ever had and Im basically broke. Time is running out for me to ever have a wife and kids, not that I can even support myself at the moment. Ive been to tons of therapy for depression, anxiety, and recently learned I have "Asperger's". I have some talents my parents always supported, I play piano by ear and was voted most artistic student in high school. The future was so bright back then. I really tried but Ive gotten nowhere. Ive dealt with suicidal ideation for years and made it very clear Im unhappy. I shouldn't have. My aunt just died after fighting for her life for a year. I feel nothing but guilt for time wasted and my actions. Sorry this turned into a rant. I want to change. I just dont know how. Thank you for reading. Always remember theres something to live for

Feb 13, 2020

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  • Hey, man. I hope you get this. I had depression when I finished College. You should research, 'Ho'Oponopono'. Whenever you have negative thoughts or feelings, repeat the words 'I'm sorry, forgive me, thank you, I love you', in your mind or out loud. By doing this, you are talking to your subconscious mind directly and you will gradually clear those negative feelings the more you say them until you feel nothing negative about that thought at all. You can also do this, if you think a negative thought, I want you to cut that thought as quick as you can (less than 10 seconds) and only focus on how you feel. Practice doing this and you will no longer feel/have that limiting belief. The subconscious determines your life, so you really have to develop self love. Reprogramming your subconscious mind takes 21 - 40 days, so you can start saying empowering things to yourself. Fake it til you make it. I gaurantee you that your life will start to change in the next month if you keep doing this. There are other things you can research on YouTube, such as 'S**** Retention' and 'Self Love Mirror Work'. If you want to take the medicinal herb route, buy 'Ashwaganda, He Shou Wu, Maca Root and Macuna Prurien' 100g powders and mix all of them in a jar and take one tea spoon every weekday (pour with hot boiling water and sugar). This will get your dopamine up and running again. All the best for you, man.

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