I am a 19 year old single male.
I have had a high s** drive since about 12 years old and I have fantasised about f****** my younger step sisters time and time again. I've heard that Thai is very common to for a guy to think about in his early years. But it hasn't stopped. And now it's escalated into waiting until my 15 and 13 year old sisters shower and putting my phone under the bathroom door and taking pics of them undressing. And yesterday I was messing around with the 13 year old's phone and she has given me her passcode. So I just looked at her social medias and stuff then I got curious and went to the gallery and looked at all her pictures. I got super curious and started looking for hidden albums wondering if there's anything that she was hiding. I didn't find any albums dedicated to anything dirty but I did go into her recently deleted folder and I saw something that gave me a b**** instantly. It was her in her room laying in the floor in her lil grey panties and a tiny pink tank top on her stomach with the camera propped up so you could see he lil sexy ass popping up over the edges of the lil panties. I was very surprised to see that because I hadn't thought about her tiling inappropriate pics if her self and mist likely sending them to other boys. So i sent it to my self and I have it saved in my phone now. I deleted the chats so she can't see that I have it. But now I knew she was being dirty alone in her room so I went to my bathroom and masturbated to the pic while thinking of what I should do and that's what I'm wanting from the random people who may see this. I'm unsure if I should keep it to myself and possibly see more pics she has recently deleted in the future. Or should I confront her and kinda blackmail her into having s** with me or just letting me take more naked pics of her or should I show our parents what I've found and get her in trouble and possibly get myself in a problem along side her.
If anyone wants to give advice put it in the comments or you guys can add me on Snapchat: M_ Stone770
Or add my KIK: BigDamnHero03



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  • Why are you advertising your snap after talking about trying to f*** you underaged step sister, and claiming to have a sexual pic of her on your phone?

  • Delete the pic. What your doing is wrong so stop while you can. If you do any of this it will haunt you for the rest of your life. So best to stop.

  • You're about 4 and a half months too late I ended up taking the blackmail strategy and now I'm f****** her at least once a week sometime more. It at first was blackmail, not she just comes in my room when she's h**** and rides me. Or sometimes I wake up with her on my bed sucking my c***.

  • So how did you convince her to f*** you?

  • Get your d*** in her she wants it

  • Uh, no. There's nothing here indicating that she wants it.

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