1st time with my sister

After a few years of f****** my cousins, I really got into incest and started to focus on my sister who's 6 yrs older than me.  I was 15 years old and began my plan on how to f*** her. I started by leaving my bedroom door open just enough to see in. I'd get naked on my bed and start to j*** off . She would walk by and catch me working on my c***. The first time see caught me i heard her gasp. Every time I would do this I knew she was looking for a bit but it wasn't enough. This went on for a couple of months until she started to do the same. First time I saw her p**** I blew a huge load and I know she heard me moan cause we made eye contact. Nothing happened that time but our unspoken game of spying started.  She would catch me masturbating or naked and she would do the same for me but still no f****** contact which made me nuts . Finally one night my parents went out saying they be back late... thought to myself this could be my chance with my sister . She wasn't going out that night and said to me " maybe we can watch a movie tonight on tv after I take a shower " I said " sure I'd like that" . With that said so gets in the shower which she had to use the basement shower cause upstairs shower was getting renovated. The basement door was right where the tv room is meaning she would have to walk by me to go upstairs. I said to myself perfect opportunity.... i quickly ran into my brothers room and grabbed a p*** video.  I put the video on and take off my pants and start working on my c*** what seemed like a f****** eternity waiting for her to come up finally happened. I sat there c*** in hand and as hard as I've ever been . My head was spinning..my heart was racing  and then it happened....the door opens up and the first thing she sees is my hard c*** ....she looks at the tv and sees a girl getting f***** by 2 guys with monster c****. She stood there in her bath robe looking back and forth between me and the tv.... the front of her robe was opening a bit and I can see her big t*** which encouraged me more . The he next time she looked at me i said " if you're going to watch why don't you sit down next to me " time stood still .......still stroking my c*** she came and sat down next to me. My heart was racing...thinking to myself " what do I say or do next ? " but she beat me to it and asked me          
" Tony can I ask you something ? Sure what's up Mary? Well .. just been wondering as to why you leave your door open when you're jerking off?  "  Thinking to myself...just tell her you want to f*** her and lick her p****....but nothing came out of my mouth.. so she continued the conversation by asking me   
" Tony..do you do it on purpose for me to watch you...is it that you think I'm sexy and you want to f*** me.?" I just stared at her like a f****** idiot teenager and nodded yes . She said "yes to what little bro? You watching or you wanting to f*** me?" Then my mouth opens up " Mary YES! I want to f*** you I want to lick your p**** I want you to suck my c***! I've been soooo h**** for you it's making me crazy ! 
Tony I want the same but we can't... we're brother and sister it's just so wrong . " I say
" ya you're right but look at it this way...Mary I love you with all my heart and I'd never hurt you in any way and I hope you feel the same "
She says yes . I continue to say " if one of us has a problem or needs something that the other sibling can help with .. wouldn't you help? " she says yes of course I'd help you I love you . I continue to say " well if one of us is h**** we can help each other out by f****** rather than masturbating don't you agree? " she agrees.
" Tony but we can't tell anyone about us " Thinking to myself ya right I'm telling  Lana and Lina about this . With that said she grabs my c*** and we start kissing with h**** tension.  She breaks free looks at me and says " ohhh baby bro I'm going to suck your c*** like it's the last one I'll ever suck!!" She was right ! She begins by licking my shaft up and down the sides twirling her tongue around the head of my c*** and in one gulp she deepthroats my entire c***! She's amazing at sucking c*** that's for sure. Not bein able to control myself I grab her rip her robe off and tell her it's my turn. I pin her legs back and start to lick the inside of her thighs lightly licking her p**** lips and then  I bury my tongue into her dripping wet p**** as far as my tongue could go . With in seconds she starts screaming " I'm going to C**!!" and starts squirting all over my face ( she was my 1st squirter) lapping it all up she screams at me " f*** me Tony f*** me now !!! I want your f****** c*** in me!!!!!! " I put my c*** against her p**** and one hard f****** thrust I was b**** deep in her!!! I pounded her p**** so hard and she kept saying harder!! harder !!  oh Mary I'm going to C**!!! C** all over my face and mouth!!!! J let me tell you that I came so hard I almost passed out ! It was awesome!  We f***** all night right up to when my parents got home which we almost got caught. I told my cousins the next day and they asked me to come up with a plan to get all 4 of us together. I did come up with a plan, I simply told my sister about Lina and Lana and that very next weekend the 4 of us got together for the 1st time


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  • Wish everyone gets a sister like that

  • I had s** of some kind with my sister for over 40 years.

  • Nothing wrong with that!

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