Daughter Father ecstacy

We can stop ourselves. Dad and I keep having s**. Not just quickies, but head board breaking 4 hour s** sessions almost every night.

I'm 21 and Dad's 40. He is hung like a horse and f**** me until I can't walk sometimes. I get filled with so much c** my p**** drips like crazy. I have to wear a pad to keep from ruining my clothes.

It been happening for 3 years now. We always go bareback, it only a matter of time before I get pregnant.

We both never can get enough.

Feb 18, 2020

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  • I've been in a sexual relationship with my dad since I was 9. I didn't like it the first time he put his co ck up me, but I had an org asm the second time, and after that I wanted him all the time. I'm 23 now. Feeling him spunking up me almost always brings on my own org asm. Even now, Mummy doesn't know what we get up to when we're alone.

  • Wonderful!
    Absolutely wonderful.
    And enjoy your children, should you have any!

  • I think you guys should make p*** and make money off of your extended relationship with you dad

  • Your life sounds great

  • So where is your mom while all this is going on? Especially during four hour s** sessions nearly every night.

  • Mom walked out on us when I was 5 years old. Have not heard from her since I was 7. Nothing, not even a birthday card. I hate her.

  • Get enough protection against getting pregnant and enjoy!!

  • Sounds like you and your dad have a really healthy s** life! Good luck to you both!!

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