Daughter Father ecstacy

We can stop ourselves. Dad and I keep having s**. Not just quickies, but head board breaking 4 hour s** sessions almost every night.

I'm 21 and Dad's 40. He is hung like a horse and f**** me until I can't walk sometimes. I get filled with so much c** my p**** drips like crazy. I have to wear a pad to keep from ruining my clothes.

It been happening for 3 years now. We always go bareback, it only a matter of time before I get pregnant.

We both never can get enough.

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  • Sickfuck don't bring children into this mess fromhell

  • Wonderful!
    Absolutely wonderful.
    And enjoy your children, should you have any!

  • Try -
    it's much better than this site

  • There is a lot of idiots on there, but it is live

  • I think you guys should make p*** and make money off of your extended relationship with you dad

  • Sickfucking incest lovers die die

  • Your life sounds great

  • So where is your mom while all this is going on? Especially during four hour s** sessions nearly every night.

  • Mom walked out on us when I was 5 years old. Have not heard from her since I was 7. Nothing, not even a birthday card. I hate her.

  • Dirty, naughty girl

  • Get enough protection against getting pregnant and enjoy!!

  • Sounds like you and your dad have a really healthy s** life! Good luck to you both!!

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