I first met Linda when I stopped at a topless bar in the outskirts of Sacramento where she was a dancer and waitress serving drinks and she had very firm b****** although they were not much bigger than a hand full.

She was cute and just one year out of high school and I am old enough to be her father at 39.

She was friendly though and when she found out that I was an owner operator she asked me to tell her stories and then she began to ask me to take her with me on a short run and I thought she was kidding and I agreed never expecting that she would but she was excited and asked when so she gave me her PH# and said now don't forget.

Well I made a run to LA and picked up assorted fruits from the docks and hauled them to Reno Nevada then O went to Salt lake city with frozen meat then to Arizona and back home.

I saw that I had over a dozen messages from her so I called and she said When so I asked if she was serious and she said dammit yes you promised and I said well we might have to stay overnight and she just laughed and said do you have a problem with that ???

Well I called my Broker and I asked him to set up a short run but one long enough to be an overnighter but all he had was a run to Idaho with a load from Proctor and Gamble and then to Nevada with a load of swinging beef and back home and we would be gone for two nights and she gave me her address and we arranger to leave.

I have a convectional KW with a single sleeper and Linda was very excited climbing around inside checking it out as we headed up I.80 Through Colfax and over the hump but it was slow going over the hump and Linda at first started telling me about her work where all of the guys had seen her b****** and she got a kick out of watching them goggle eyed staring at her t*** and she boldly asked me if I wanted her to jack me off .

I laughed and told her she could but she had to let me c** in her mouth so I wouldn't mess up my truck and she agreed scooting over next to me and began to fumble with my belt so I scooted the seat back away from the steering wheel and I lifted my ass off the bench so she could and she pulled my pants down so she could get at my c*** and she laughed and said I never saw a c*** with a foreskin before and she slowly peeled it back exposing my c*** head and she said its beautiful as she leaned over and licked my c*** head then she smiled at me and asked like it???? would you rather have me suck you off ???

I instantly agreed and she bent over with her right hand on my knee and sucked me into her mouth and she began to slowly suck my c*** making cooing sounds that vibrated through my c***.

Well I lasted until we approached the summit and then I let go and god was it ever good felt like my b**** were collapsing as she sucked me dry.

Well during the trip we f***** several times and she assured me she was on birth control so I never pulled out when I nutted her.

Linda stands about 5 ft. 3 inches and is sort of willowy at 105 pounds her b****** are not huge but a good hand full and they are firm with her being so young her hips were made for having baby's and although she is not a beauty queen she is still a very attractive young lady.
We got along fine and I was really having a good time.

I knew tat I was not her first lover by a long shot because she told me that her Uncle had been having s** with her since she was very young first before he could get his c*** in her he used to stick it between her thigs and dry f*** her that way and her mother never knew about it and when she was older he got her to suck him off then he started f****** her when she was about 9 years old.

Well we were very comfortable together and when she told me story's about the guys she had f***** I got hard just thinking about it and she was pleased that I liked her story's.

When we got back to Reno we were at a truck stop eating dinner and I had a beer and she was 19 and old enough o she had a glass of wine as we ate and she said hey we are in Reno want to get married and I laughed and said hey I am old enough to be your father and he countered with and you are still young enough to be my children's father.

So said hey why not and there was a chapel just across the freeway so we crossed over and with Linda in a T-shirt without a bra and me in Levies and sleeveless tank top we were married with the Preachers wife as a witness.

Linda quit her job and for a while she rode with me and I taught her how to drive and shift gears then she got tired and went back to work and for some reason it didn't bother me with her working topless she has a great build and all the guys were enjoying themselves I thought what the f*** maybe it will work out but if not we would at least have fun.

A couple months later I was sent to LA and I was supposed to take a load to Arizona and ten on to Denver Colorado but when I delivered my load to Arizona.

The trip to Colorado had cancelled and I picked up a load of Butcher ready beef for Richmond Calif and when it was unloaded it was late so I wanted to surprise Linda so I took my trial and dropped it off then I made my way home and it was around 2: Am by that time and I was ready for some p**** as I opened the front door thinking about my sweet little p**** cat in bed waiting for me and I snuck through the house like a thief my c*** was already for action and I was so intense that I did not hear the muted sounds coming from the bedroom.

opened the door and the night light was bright enough for me to see the silhouette of a man laying on the bed and his ass was moving slowly then I made out a woman's legs spread wide with her knees bent and her arms around his back.

I stood there in shock watching them f*** as my eyes adjusted to the dark and I could see his c*** going in and out of my young wife as she cooed and mewled her pleasure like she dose with me when we f***.

I stood watching my mind refusing to believe what I saw and for a long time I watched I was surprised that I felt no rage at all and I stood there rooted to the spot unable to confront them until I saw him speed up and I heard their flesh slapping against each other faster and faster untiled he cried out and drove Linda into the mattress as he started cummings I watched his c*** as his c** was forced out f her around his c*** and my c*** was raging hard now as I heard Linda laugh like she dose when I bust my nuts in her and her hands traced his back .

stood their watching now until I could control my voice then I said that is my wife and he jumped off the bed scrambling for his cloths and shoes and he was gone as Linda and I looked at one another.

She id defiantly well you are always gone you cant expect me to just sit here waiting for you I am young and I need a man.

I crwled on top of her and I f***** her like never before then we laid there in the dark and I said OK but I want you to sty on birth control and I want you to let me film you wth other men to and she just said OK baby whatever you want.

Feb 19, 2020

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  • I’d p1mp her out. A little side gig for each of you.

  • H*** yeah!!!!

    She’s gonna fu ck around when you are on the road, at least get paid for it.

  • No that's f***** up. Taking someone's freedom away like that. That's not love. Most people pay for s** because they like to abuse people during s**.

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